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The Old Waiting Room cannot be hired out yet as there are some queries about the floor condition, and there is access only through the station. Network Rail is thinking about the work needed for the floor, and Peckham Vision is seeking an interim lease for when the staircase is completed. This is the original Victorian grand staircase which is to be restored and extended to reach into the Old Waiting Room itself. [[Peckham_Rye_Station/station_forecourt|The first step towards this is completed]] - the windows and door at ground level are restored and the staircase once again is visible from the forecourt. The aim is to raise a further £60k to complete the stair restoration and extension by early 2015. Peckham Vision is developing plans to bring the Room into interim use and to hire it out when the staircase can give access to the Room from outside the station, and is seeking discussions with Network Rail for this. Meanwhile, an application to the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) has been partially prepared in case that becomes the route forward for the substantial funds needed, beyond the stair restoration, for the remainder of the Old Waiting Room restoration and to equip it with insulation, heating, lighting and water. There would also need to be a lift installed for disabled access and goods delivery. Peckham Vision made some proposals for the way this could be part of the Network Rail development work to seek funds from the Department for Transport (DfT) for the installation of lifts to all the platforms.
The huge magnificent empty space above the ticket hall began to come to light again during the recent years through campaigns by Peckham Vision with Rye Lane & Station Action Group and the Peckham Society. It was referred to as the Old Billiard Hall as it had been used for many decades by the railway staff as a recreation room. In those years access was by a staircase added on the front of the building entering the room through a door in what was and is now again a window space. This can be seen in [ this 1979 episode](2.20 minutes into this short clip) of the Sweeney TV programme chase at Peckham Rye station. That additional staircase was reached from the forecourt by the [[Media:Peckham Rye Stairs CGS.pdf|original staircase]] in the SE tower.

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