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In January 2007 Peckham Vision held an information day to give all Southwark’s Councillors the opportunity to get to know the proposed tram depot site in Peckham, its current users and understand its future potential (click [[:Image:Councillor's briefing January 2007 update.pdf|here]] for the briefing pack prepared for the councillors). One of the Councillors said they had been persuaded by the plan to build a depot on site because some years back officers told them it would regenerate Peckham by having housing and commerce on top of the depot. In fact, property experts say it would be too expensive and the current plans do not include this. The original reasons for Peckham being selected as a preferred depot location no longer stand up, and need to be looked at again.
<googlemap version="0.9" lat="51.469288" lon="-0.065532" zoom="16" width="100%" height="425" controls="large">3#FFFF0200 (#33FF000C)51.469249, -0.06699151.469542, -0.0653651.469528, -0.06486751.469555, -0.06381551.469221, -0.06368651.46906, -0.06486751.468606, -0.06471651.46886, -0.06267851.469649, -0.06325751.469983, -0.06381551.470197, -0.06443751.47017, -0.06572551.469996, -0.06756551.469886, -0.06835351.469769, -0.06827351.469802, -0.06792451.469385, -0.06769651.46948, -0.0670933#B22B5BD9 (#662F5FDD)51.46906, -0.06486951.469221, -0.06369251.469553, -0.0638251.469527, -0.06486451.46953, -0.06502551.46906, -0.064869</googlemap>Depot plans shown in red, planned bus depot in blue. A downloadable map is available [[:Image:Site_63PSite 63P.jpg|herecenter|400px]].
==Tram Depot Impact==

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