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===Central Rye Lane: Two New Green Paths===
The Peckham Rye Station Gateway is a major site in the central Rye Lane area. The co-design consultation in 2014/15 for that site needs to include ideas and plans for the improvement of the public realm all around it. [[Media: A1_PV_Panel_-_TCRL_-_New_green_paths_v.07_-_flat_1024.jpg|This panel, click here,]] shows ideas Peckham Vision has developed to bring two new green paths into the heart of Rye Lane, and also potentially linking Peckham Rye station to Queen’s Road, Peckham station. This potential needs to be a consideration in the design of the public realm plans.<br>
'''- Coal Line:''' a high level path on the disused historic Ricketts coal line could feature as a high level linear park stretching between Rye Lane and the existing green space of Kirkwood Road. The access from Rye Lane would be from the Victorian cobbled area around the 1930s building opposite the station and the proposed new public square. So the design of public realm outside the Station Gateway site needs to be seen as an integrated whole. The line would run between two majestic town centre buildings: the Bussey Building (saved from demolition for a tram depot) and the [[Multi-Storey_Car_Park#Planning_status_of_the_Peckham_Multi_Storey|Peckham Multi Storey]]building (still under threat of demolition.)<br>
'''- Bussey path:''' A new path could lead pedestrians from Rye Lane through a pleasant green walk into the Copeland Park at ground level. This path might in the medium term lead through a new pedestrian tunnel to link with the space between the rail lines, and then join with the high level path just before the Consort Road junction.

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