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===Below the radar ‘street’ research===
Much of this happens on the ‘street’ which is ‘below the radar’ of the public agencies and mainstream commerce. The [ LSE Cities Research Unit] led by Suzi Hall has produced [ compelling evidence] of this from [ detailed study of the commercial trading life in Rye Lane,] the central street in Peckham town centre. A key question from [ this research] is ''what can mediate between the two to produce constructive conversations, as it took an urban calamity in Peckham through the August 2013 riots'' for some of the below the radar life to begin to be visible to the bureaucracy. See also short [|Youtube film on Ordinary Streets.]
===Peckham as a cultural ‘hotspot’===
Another site has emerged which is rapidly taking its place in the creative and cultural cluster as a social and performance venue. The Peckham Liberal Club was successfully registered as a community asset through Peckham Vision in October 2013. Meanwhile, the CLF Art Cafe in the Bussey building is expanding with more theatre, dance and other cultural offerings, the Copeland Park is host to more varied creative and cultural uses, and new enterprises are taking root and opening at increased pace on the Peckham Rye station site. Frank's Café and Bold Tendencies on the top floors of the multi storey car park continue in the summer of 2014 to attract huge numbers of visitors to Peckham. See the [[Media:A1_PV_Panel_-_CRL_-_Integrated_Whole_v.09.jpg|map showing all these locations,]] and the [[Media:A1_PV_Panel_-_CRL_-_Hotspot_v.11.jpg|map of the central Rye Lane cluster]] made up of four clusters each with increasing numbers of enterprises within them.
The [[Multi-Storey_Car_Park|Peckham Multi Storey Building has also now emerged as a major place for arts, culture and and small businesses,]] with the creation of over 500 jobs in Peckham Levels from 2017 to add to the activities of Peckhamplex, Bold Tendencies and Franks Cafe. Peckham Levels arose from [[Multi-Storey_Car_Park#March_2017_Planning_status|Peckham Vision's campaign for uses to test the potential of the building]] for the longer term instead of demolition.
===‘Hotspot’ origins===

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