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==Launch of the model 23rd July 2014==
The model was launched to acclaim amidst a joyous celebration of wonderful community collaboration. Locals queued before 3pm for the doors to open, and then we were kept very busy throughout and the meeting at 7pm was packed. Just recovering now from all the exertions as a 100% volunteer effort to get it ready and manage the day itself. There seemed a great buzz and we managed to attract people in from the street through our TODAY posters at the entrance and pictures along the passage into the Bussey building. There are still some buildings to be completed, and the model group sessions will resume in September. More reports later. In the meantime, look at the [ tweets,] [ Facebook posts] and [ blog] in the days after 23 July 2014.
[[Image:IMG_3038 - PV community event 23-07-2014.jpg|left|190px|thumb displays]]

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