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So Peckham Vision decided to ask local people on our networks if they would be interested in making a model with us for use in the planning discussions. Many people responded enthusiastically, and over 30 have taken part in our model making group under the expert guidance of local architects Benedict O’Looney and Clyde Watson from Peckham Vision. Four local organisations supporting the project are the [ Peckham Society,] [ Whitten Timber] and [ Complete Fabrication], and Khan's Bargain Ltd. The model is at a scale of 1:100 and has slowly taken shape building by building. It was first displayed in public on 23rd July 2014 in the CLF Art Café in the Bussey Building. The group has decided to continue in existence and to recruit more volunteers. There is still more work to complete the existing model, and to contribute to the co-design process for the station site. There are also further development sites in the town centre that can be modelled. <br>
'''''There is still plenty of room for more volunteers. Model making experience is not essential. If you want to take part, email info:''' '''and'''
[[Image:IMG_1684-2 - PV modelmaking 21-05-2014.jpg|left|190px|thumb displays]]

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