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==The Central Rye Lane area==
The Station Gateway site is a complex one with commercial buildings nestled amongst railway buildings, viaducts and arches. The site is divided into properties with addresses on Rye Lane, Holly Grove, Blenheim Grove, Station Way, Dovedale Court, and Blenheim Court. So we created a [[Peckham_Rye_Station_Gateway/2011-2013#Revised_map_of_properties_in_the_station_plans_June_2013|site map]] showing exactly where these places are and how they related to the plans for total clearance that we were beginning to hear about. This aid to discussion proved invaluable as during 2013 we took two deputations to the Cabinet, attended a Scrutiny Committee, and took part in many community fairs, events and meetings, and discussion about the issues raised by the plans. Then Network Rail published their proposals to clear the site and redevelop it completely. To be able to have clear discussions, local people needed to have a model of the existing buildings and their layout on the site and also the areas around the site. We had suggested to the Council during the consultations last winter that a model would be very useful for this purpose. But the Council turned down the idea as too expensive.
[[Image:ST 01 IMG_2887 - View south along Rye Lane towards station.jpg|left|190px|thumb displays]]
[[Image:ST 02 IMG_2864 - View south along Rye Lane towards station.jpg|left|190px|thumb displays]]

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