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[[Image:10.06 Peckham-Rye-Waiting-Room-05 small.jpg|right|thumb|400px|Old Waiting Room]]
[[Image:Peckham-Rye-Station-2013-01 lo.jpg|right|thumb|300px|original Victorian staircase]]
[[Image:Final Peckham Heritage Talk 3 Wed 14 June.jpg|right|thumb|400px|]]
*[[Peckham Rye Station#Old Waiting Room|Peckham Rye Station]]
   ==14th June 2017 completion of the stairs==Benny O’Looney, architect and a founder member of Peckham Vision, will give a talk on the restoration of the Old Waiting Room, with a focus on the latest phase – the Stair Project: the restoration techniques; the conservation ‘philosophy’; and the local trades involved: steel fabricators, lath and plaster specialists, lime mortar restorers, etc. Wed 14 June 2017 6.30 - 8.15pm; arrivals from 6.15pm via door on left of entrance to Peckham Rye Station.Tickets must be booked through Julie Mallett: / 020 7525 3265 ==13 March 2017 Evening Standard report==* Evening Standard article: [ Peckham Rye station to be restored to Victorian splendour as long-lost waiting room is reopened.] * Evening Standard [Imagehttp:10// video]The community initiated work on the staircase is nearing completion this year.06 It means people can get into this wonderful space without going through the station. It can be used as it is almost straightway, as an interim use before long term decisions are taken. It is a fantastic space for all kinds of different events celebrating the railways. We are looking forward to talking with Network Rail about this. ==4 March 2016 ITV News==ITV News: [ PeckhamRye station waiting room to be given new lease of life after 50 years] ==3 March 2016 Southwark News==[ "Up the stairs and through time to the Peckham Ryewaiting room we all forgot about"] News report on the restoration work to the staircase, which will lead to public accessibility to the Old Waiting Room in the summer 2016. ==Latest January-June 2016==The original staircase is now being restored and extended so that it can reach the Old Waiting-Room-05 . This work has had strong and welcome support from the '''[ Railway Heritage Trust,]''', in addition to some Network Rail funding and some smallneighbourhood grants from Southwark Council. It is expected to be completed by autumn 2016.jpg|right|thumb|400px|It coincides with the 150th anniversary of the opening of Peckham Rye station and the railways coming to Peckham. That heralded a dramatic change in the built environment and demographics of Peckham. The areas needed before for food growing to feed central London were given up for housing, much of which remains today. Peckham Vision is asking Network Rail for permission to use the Old Waiting Roomto hold a series of informative exhibitions and events to celebrate the railways during this 150th anniversary when the stairs are completed. The events would cover railway history and operations, and events which link to that history in some way. Anyone who would like to contribute to this, or who wishes to join our group to enable this programme to happen, please email '''[ Click here for more information]]''' 
==Latest April 2014==
The Old Waiting Room cannot be hired out yet as there are some queries about the floor condition, and there is access only through the station. Network Rail is thinking about the work needed for the floor, and Peckham Vision is seeking an interim lease for when the staircase is completed. This is the original Victorian grand staircase which is to be restored and extended to reach into the Old Waiting Room itself. [[Peckham_Rye_Station/station_forecourt|The first step towards this is completed]] - the windows and door at ground level are restored and the staircase once again is visible from the forecourt. The aim is to raise a further £60k to complete the stair restoration and extension by early 2015. Peckham Vision is developing plans to bring the Room into interim use and to hire it out when the staircase can give access to the Room from outside the station, and is seeking discussions with Network Rail for this. Meanwhile, an application to the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) has been partially prepared in case that becomes the route forward for the substantial funds needed, beyond the stair restoration, for the remainder of the Old Waiting Room restoration and to equip it with insulation, heating, lighting and water. There would also need to be a lift installed for disabled access and goods delivery. Peckham Vision made some proposals for the way this could be part of the Network Rail development work to seek funds from the Department for Transport (DfT) for the installation of lifts to all the platforms.
==IntroductionBackground to 2014==
The huge magnificent empty space above the ticket hall began to come to light again during the recent years through campaigns by Peckham Vision with Rye Lane & Station Action Group and the Peckham Society. It was referred to as the Old Billiard Hall as it had been used for many decades by the railway staff as a recreation room. In those years access was by a staircase added on the front of the building entering the room through a door in what was and is now again a window space. This can be seen in [ this 1979 episode](2.20 minutes into this short clip) of the Sweeney TV programme chase at Peckham Rye station. That additional staircase was reached from the forecourt by the [[Media:Peckham Rye Stairs CGS.pdf|original staircase]] in the SE tower.
The Old Waiting Room cannot be used in more than these ad hoc ways, negotiated each time with the two rail companies, until the original staircase is restored and extended to reach into the Old Waiting Room itself. [[Peckham_Rye_Station/station_forecourt|The first step towards this is completed]] - the windows and door at ground level are restored and the staircase once again is visible from the forecourt. See the latest news above.
The stages of restoration for the Old Waiting Room so far up to 2014 are described below. For the staircase stages see
==Stages in Old Waiting Room restoration==
[[Image:CRL_walk_OWR_15_Sep_2018.jpg|right|thumb|400px|Central Rye Lane Walk visiting the Old Waiting Room 15 Sep 2018]]
===September 2019===
* The Old Waiting Room was used for several ad hoc community events in 2019, facilitated by the informal local residents friends group in liaison with Network Rail. The future of the space is not yet clear following the forced sale of most of Netowrk Rail's commercial spaces to large corporate investors.
===September 2018===
* On '''Saturday 15th September''', in the Peckham Festival, Eileen Conn from Peckham Vision led [ a walk of Central Rye Lane] telling the story of the buildings and all those whose future had been saved by community action since Peckham Vision started in 2005. On the way from the Bussey Building and Copeland Park across the road in Rye Lane, saved in 2009, the tour walked up the restored and extended staircase from the station forecourt to the Old Waiting Room for a short talk about the history of the room and Peckham Vision's community work to promote and support its restoration since 2006. Then on to the businesses operating in the rest of the buildings around the station and the businesses saved from total clearance for the proposed redevelopment in 2014, including especially the micro economy in Blenheim Court Arches Studios.
* On '''22nd & 23rd September''' the Old Waiting Room will be open from 10am to 5pm in the [ London Open House weekend.]
===update August 2018===
Now that the staircase is completed and access is possible from the forecourt, the room has been used successfully for some one off public events with Network Rail's agreement. This is to test the uses of the space while Network Rail is preparing to sell all its property not needed for running the railway system.
[links to the events to be uploaded.]
===update September 2017===
The staircase was completed and the room open to the public for the Open House weekend.
===update February 2017===
The work on restoring and extending the staircase into the Old Waiting Room is proceeding and should be completed during 2017. Peckham Vision has asked Network Rail for a discussion about our proposals for use of the room, once the staircase is useable, to celebrate the railways as a meanwhile use before decisions are taken about the long term restoration and use of the space. If you would like to volunteer to contribute to the management of that project please email
===Community Business proposal to Network Rail June 2014===
Peckham Vision has developed a viable business case for an interim lease to use the Old Waiting Room as a multi purpose venue for hire once the staircase is restored and extended and before the plans for the final restoration of the Room are developed. We have asked Network Rail for discussions about our proposal and request for an interim lease.
===Developing plans for interim use August 2013===
[[Old_Waiting_Room|Old Waiting Room]]: plans are being developed for raising the funds (approx £750,000) for final restoration and also for interim uses for the room as it is, once the staircase is extended to give access from the forecourt. The room cannot be hired until then.
originally the old waiting room and then for many decades a billiard room,
but has been derelict for many years. The recent restoration is the
successful result of collaboration since 2006 between The Peckham Society, Peckham Vision/Rye
Lane & Station Action Group, Southwark Council, Southern Rail and
Network Rail. The Peckham Society have now secured some funds from the Community Council for the next stage [[Media:Station_CGS_bid.pdf|see proposals]] –

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