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Peckham Vision was born in 2005 at the start of the campaign to save the Bussey and Copeland Park from [[Cross-River_Tram#Concerns_about_Tram_Depot_plans|demolition for a tram depot.]] The campaign publicised the potential of the site for the creative industries and in 2007 the [ CLF Art Cafe] took root in the [[Bussey_Building|Bussey building]] and the [[Hannah_Barry_Gallery|Hannah Barry Gallery]] in [ Copeland Park.] The campaign also drew attention to the neglected spaces in and around Peckham Rye station on the other side of Rye lane. The station building was listed by Peckham Society action, the idea of the new public square in front was successfully publicised and the huge [[Old_Waiting_Room|Old Waiting Room]] on the top floor was unbricked and opened by Peckham Vision action. Meanwhile [ Bold Tendencies] and [ Frank’s Café] began the highly successful summer uses of the top three floors of the unused multi storey car park on the other side of the railway tracks. All these developments brought more than half a million visitors to Peckham since 2008.
UNDER CONSTRUCTION Over the same time, one by one along the sides and behind the station building, innovative micro enterprises have been taking root - [ The Sunday Painter,] [ Peckham Print Studio,] [ Peckham Refreshment Rooms,] [ Brick Brewery,] [ Peckham Springs,] [ Hannah Barry Gallery] (final location), and recently the newly restored café delicatessen in Station Way – finding their places amidst the very Peckham mix of a hairdressers, office business shop, and African restaurant.

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