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'''At community fairs'''<br>
Over the summer of 2013 Peckham Vision took its mobile exhibition to several community events and talked to hundreds of local people about the plans for the town centre especially the developments in central Rye Lane around the station. We encouraged people to put up their comments about the station Gateway developments on post it notes and in comment books. About 120 comments have been transcribed and are recorded [LINKin preparation] here in Gateway comments.
The comments covered small details through to generalisations and are not amenable to simple summary. There is wide support for the re-creation of the square. There is a feeling that there is a special nature to Peckham town centre which needs to be nurtured and protected while it is adjusting to changes in the wider economy and to the developments around the station. Small organic change favouring small independents rather than national chains is preferred rather than large developments at once. There was concern at the potential loss of independent small businesses, including creative enterprises, if rents became unaffordable. A variety and mix of retail shops is wanted rather than more of the same kinds of shops which is viewed as an unwelcome current feature, with the multiple hair, nail, meat and phone shops. More business responsibility is wanted for the effects of their businesses. The storage facilities of the arches behind the station are valued by town centre businesses. Some locals value the mix of light industry and commerce behind the station, and are concerned at the loss of residential amenity with the expansion of the night economy. There were pleas for newsagent, letter box, coffee shop and public toilets near the station.

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