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Peckham Vision is committed to developing good quality information to distribute in a variety of ways to local people, and to create innovative ways for them to become engaged in the work. There are
* continuing events, including seminars, guided walkabouts in the town centre, public meetings in the Bussey building and in the Old Waiting Room.
* exhibitions such as the [[OWR_exhibition|3 day exhibition]] in the Old Waiting Room, '''[photo]''' the exhibition displays in the ground floor<BR>foyer of Peckham library [[Image:IMG_6082 PV displays in Peckham Library foyer.jpg|right|204px|thumb OWR exhibition]] the exhibition displays in the ground floor foyer of Peckham library and mobile exhibitions at local community fairs '''. [[photoImage:Peckham Rye Fete 2012 040.jpg|right|204px|thumb OWR exhibition]].'''
* regular emails to a mailing list of over 2500 local people on topical matters relating to the town centre and to the wider Peckham community and posted in the [ PRN blog.]
* [ Facebook] and [ twitter] and local web discussion forums.

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