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==Platform View – Visions of Peckham: exhibition 2nd-4th August 2012==
'''in the Old Waiting Room off platform 3 Peckham Rye Station'''
[[Image:PRS OWR Platform 3 - 001.jpg|left|230px|thumb OWR exhibition]][[Image:PRS OWR Platform 3 - 002.jpg|left|102px|thumb OWR exhibition]][[Image:PRS OWR Platform 3 - 003.jpg|left|204px|thumb OWR exhibition]][[Image:PRS OWR Platform 3 - 004.jpg|left|204px|thumb OWR exhibition]]<div style="clear:both;"></div>
Peckham Vision held an exhibition about Peckham town centre in the Old Waiting Room in Peckham Rye station on 2nd – 4th August as a Peckham Rye Lane contribution to the Cultural Olympiad. From the Olympiad brochure: ''This is a collection of some of the thoroughly exciting events that are taking place in the ever-lovely Peckham over the time of London’s Olympics. We are a collective of organisations and individuals, all with the aim of creating and exhibiting artistic projects of Peckham. We hope to see some new faces in our spaces, enjoying the events and getting to know those that have made them happen.'' Details were in the brochure [ 'Peckham Cultural Olympiad'], which gave individual contributors' websites for further details on timings of events and locations.<br>

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