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[[Image:Peckham Vision OWR Exh 016.jpg|right|350px|thumb|entering the Old Waiting Room at last from platform 3]]
We had a non-stop stream of visitors to the 3 day exhibition, about Peckham town centre in the Old Waiting Room, as part of the Peckham Cultural Olympiad. Over 600 visitors all keen to know more about the Old Waiting Room, the station restoration, the new public square and the town centre generally. It is clear that there is great local enthusiasm for the planned changes. Here below are a few photos to give an insight into the magical experience for three days. For more photos: [ OWR exhibition photos.]. For all the display panels and a full report on the exhibition see [ OWR exhibition.]
'''NOTE:''' This use of the Room was with a special temporary license from Network Rail, and with the agreement of Southern Rail and the station manager, because of the team of volunteers escorting visitors from the ticket barriers. The Room is not available for hiring out, and can not be until there is access to the Room without coming through the station. Peckham Vision is working on making the original staircase useable, and seeking the lease from Network Rail to run the Room as a social enterprise and as a multi purpose venue but this is some way off in the future.

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