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===New tram depot sites found October 2008===
Just before the Mayor stopped further tram planning, in October 2008, [[Media:09.04 depot location TN72 Stage 4a Depot Report volume 1 v0.2 O275.pdf|TfL had received a report (see summary at pages 5&6)]] showing that the Peckham town centre site was the wrong location for the tram depot. Thus Peckham Vision's call throughout the campaign, for a review of the flawed location investigation and report, had proved justified. The new report showed that Peckham town centre was at the bottom of a list of 6 sites investigated, and as a location failed for technical, operational and cost reasons as well as the detrimental effect on the town centre. Moreover the new report identified a suitable location elsewhere. So even when the tram becomes a live project again there will be no need to safeguard land in the town centre for the depot. In the April/May 2009 consultations the Council's Issues and Options paper included the alternative Options for the site, and began to consider for the first time the potential major contribution that site 63P/71P can make to the regeneration of Peckham Town Centre, and also to greater Peckham as a whole. This site is indeed a major Opportunity Site which needs to be considered as such in the PNAAP.

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