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{{draftBox|The articles in the archives have been either superseded by newer information or the issue is no longer current. We have kept the articles on the website for reference.}}{|style="border-spacing:8px; margin:0px -8px; width:100%;"|style="width:100%; border:1px solid #a1ac81; background:#F7F8F8; vertical-align:top; color:#000;"|{|width="100%" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="5" style="vertical-align:top; background:#fff;"! <h2 style="margin:0; background:#a1ac81; font-size:120%; font-weight:bold; border:1px solid #909090; text-align:left; color:#000; padding:0.2em 0.4em;">From the archives...</h2>{{Smallbox|<small>[ Click here to load another article]</small>}}|-|style="color:#000;" valign="top"| {{Random article|max=16}}|}|}
The articles in the archives have been either superseded by newer information or the issue is no longer current===Articles===*[[Visions for Peckham]] 2006 - 2009*[[Cross-River Tram]] 2006 - 2009*[[Briefing Documents]] 2006 - 2009*[[Peckham Vision News]] 2007*[ Stories of Peckham 2008]*[http://www.peckhamvision. We have kept the articles on the website for referenceorg/blog Peckham Vision Blog Jan 2006 - July 2012]*[ About Peckham Vision 2009 - 2013]
==='''Home page notices'''=======From Home Page 2017-2021====[[Image:Peckham Vision Volunteering v.07 - web text 1024.jpg|thumb|right|300px|Peckham Vision 2019 volunteering opportunities: enquiries welcomed. CLICK ON LINK TO THE LEFT.]]'''Please click [[Volunteering|here for Peckham Vision CURRENT VOLUNTEERING OPPORTUNITIES: enquiries welcomed.]]'''<br>* <small>''“Volunteering with Peckham Vision allows a unique insight into one of London’s most exciting town centres <br>and a chance to play an important role in protecting and shaping its future.”'' Peckham Peculiar August 2017 </small>  '''LONDON LOCAL COUNCIL ELECTIONS & European Parliament elections are on 22nd May 2014.''' <br>Make sure you vote in the elections. Let's all vote for democracy! [ More info here.]<BR><br> '''PECKHAM RYE STATION GATEWAY REDEVELOPMENT [[Peckham_Rye_Station_Gateway|Latest]]<br>*[[Visions Media:14.02.18_Gateway_GLA_extension.pdf|reasons for deputation 12th Feb 2014.]] <br> * [[Peckham_Rye_Station_Gateway#Council_seeks_more_time_11th_February_2014|Council & MP statements Feb 2014.]]<br>* [[Peckham_Rye_Station_Gateway#Council-community_partnership_for_station_scheme_25th_February_2014|joint statement from Council and Network Rail: ‘local people full partners in shaping scheme’]]<br>* [[Peckham_Rye_Station_Gateway#Community_engagement_brief_for_Station_Gateway_project_April_2014|community engagement brief]] - [[Peckham_Rye_Station_Gateway#Just_announced_-_Ash_Sakula_appointed_5th_June_2014|Just announced: Ash Sakula appointed 5th June 2014]]* [[Media: Future_events_v2.pdf|events May+June: PeckhamVision mobile exhibition - details]]* [[Peckham_Rye_Station_Gateway#Community_model_Station_Gateway_site_June_2014|more volunteers welcome for making Station Gateway model]]<br><br> '''FROM HOME PAGE APRIL 2016''' '''Some Previous Events'''* '''New Southwark Plan [[Planning#27_December_2015_New_Southwark_Plan_Preferred_Option|consultation till 12th February 2016]]'''*[ info abt history of Peckham Vision's campaign supporting the transformation of the Copeland Park & Bussey Building] for [ an event in October 2015:] * [Cross TfL consultation on Bakerloo Line Extension Sep-River TramDec 2014:][ Local campaign information.]*[[Briefing DocumentsPeckham_Rye_Station_Gateway/Jan-Sep_2014#Successful_community_public_event_23_July_2014|Community public event 23 July 2014: launch of the community-made model]]* '''Peckham Vision's Community Pop-Up:''' -[[Media:PV Community Pop Up - F.pdf|16-18 December 2013 @PeckhamSprings.]][[Planning#16th-18th_December_2013_Community_pop-up_planning_exhibition|Early report here.]]<br>*'''Deputation for public toilets on Rye Lane 30 September 2013:''' [[Toilets_petition|details & download petition]]<BR>* '''Peckham Vision workshop July 2013:''' - [[Peckham Town Centre Forum/meetings#8th July 2013 Town Centre workshop|parallel economies and connections]]<br>* '''PNAAP Public Hearings 23 Jul - 1 Aug 2013:''' [[Planning|main issues + pics;]] [[Peckham_Town_Centre_Forum/meetings#23rd_July_to_1st_August_2013_PNAAP_Public_Hearings_.2B_Sep_2013_News|NewsSep 2013]]*'''Peckham Vision Old Waiting Room August 2012:''' [ Exhibition on the Town Centre] attracted hundreds of visitors. <BR>  '''Some Topical Issues'''* '''Web discussions''': Rye Lane: [ Peckham Vision Facebook.] [Stories of Planning in Southwark discussion] * [[Topical_issues_archives|Topical Issues Archives]]* to be updated: Click for [[News|'''NEWS.''']]''' For community information news sheets: [[Media:A3 PRS Restoration update - stairs v.13D - PTC_NEWS - Final.pdf|''January 2013'']], [[Media:Peckham Vision News - August 2013.pdf|''August 2013'']][[Image:IMG 5837 adj+crop 2400.jpg|thumb|right|300px|Art Deco installation|art deco installation launch April 2015]]<br>'''From Home Page June 2016''' '''PeckhamVision's floating Art Deco installation''' * [[Peckham_Town_Centre_Forum/meetings#11th_April_2015_launch_of_Peckham_Vision.E2.80.99s_art_deco_installation|launched at community event 8th April 2015]] From Home Page summer 2018[[Image:PV Community Hustings 2018 -1024.jpg|thumb|right|400px|]][[Image:IMG 0560 adj lo.jpg|thumb|right|400px|Hustings 14th April 2018]]

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