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Peckham Rye station is at the intersection of two railway lines - one from London Bridge in a south west direction, and one coming from Blackfriars and Victoria (which join at Denmark Hill) and going south east to Kent. This means that going into central London Peckham Rye is directly connected to several Tube lines:
* St Pancras/Kings Cross (via Blackfriars) within 23 minutes to Northern, Victoria, Hammersmith & City, Metropolitan, Circle Lines
* Victoria within 15 minutes to Victoria, Circle, District Lines
* Farringdon within 20 minutes to Hammersmith & City, Metropolitan and Circle Lines
Going out of central London there are several ultimate destinations in south London, Kent and Surrey.
This page lists handy tips from rail users on how to use the interconnections going into central London, and out of London. If you would like to contribute more tips please email
==Going into central London=='''* to Charing Cross from Peckham Rye (change at LB) about 25 mins:''' - train to London Bridge from PR platform 2 several times an hour (not well spaced - check train times); at LB cross the station platform bridge to platform 6, trains to Charing Cross every 5 minutes or so, and takes about 8 minutes. Also from Denmark Hill, East Dulwich, Peckham Rye, Queen's Rd Peckham, South Bermondsey.<BR><BR>'''* to Great Portland Street from Peckham Rye (change at Farringdon) about 30 mins:''' - train to Farringdon from PR platform 3 twice an hour (more at peak times); at Farringdon change platforms via the station platform bridge to Tube trains west to Great Portland Street (very frequent service). Also from Nunhead & Denmark Hill.<BR><BR>'''GOING INTO CENTRAL LONDON* to Oxford Circus from Peckham Rye (change at LB or Victoria) about 25 mins:'''===<BR>- train to London Bridge (Platform 2 at PR), 6tph (not equally spaced) change to Jubilee Line. Also from North Dulwich, East Dulwich, Denmark Hill, Queens Rd, South Bermondsey OR <BR>- train to Victoria (Platforms 1 and 3 at PR) 4tph not equally spaced), change to Victoria Line. Also from Nunhead, & Denmark Hill<BR><BR>==='''GOING ACROSS LONDON* to St Pancras direct from Peckham Rye about 23 mins:'''- train from Sevenoaks on PR platform 3 every half an hour (more in peak times) destination Bedford or Kentish Town via City Thameslink, Farringdon & St Pancras. Also from Nunhead & Denmark Hill. ==Going across London====='''GOING SOUTH OUT OF LONDON* north to Bedford or Kentish Town from Peckham Rye:'''- via St Pancras direct, twice an hour, about 23 mins- train from Sevenoaks on PR platform 3 every half an hour (more in peak times). Also from Nunhead & Denmark Hill. ==Going south out of London==

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