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===16th December 2009===
* [[Media:09.12.16_PTC_Forum_minutes_final.doc|Meeting minutes]]* [[Media:09.12.16_PTC_Participants_list_key_words_final.doc|Participants]]* [[Media:10.02.24_PTC_checklist_table_notes.doc|Action checklistupdated]]
This first meeting was held just six weeks later, arranged in collaboration between Peckham Vision and the Council Planning officers for the PNAAP. This continued the momentum. There were 29 participants. The meeting heard the background, and some of the needs for revitalisation and indications of participants' interests. Then moved into Open Space where all present decided who they wanted to talk with. For the last half hour all came back together and reported on issues and actions. The key conclusions are detailed in the checklist for '''''Discussion Questions''''', '''''Actions''''' and '''''Ideas''''', under these headings:
===23rd February 2010===
* [[Media:|Meeting minutes]]* [[Media:|Participants]]* [[Media:|Action checklist]]
The Council Planning officers were not able to participate in this meeting as it was deemed not a priority by their Department. Their absence was regretted by those present but it was well attended by 27 participants and as full of life and energy as the first. The discussions included the connections and links between the [ nef] (New Economics Foundation) project, to establish a New Peckham Experiment, and the initiatives of interest to all at the Town Centre Forum. The meeting process from the first Fourm was used again, and the Open Space enabled many connections and sharing of ideas, and the Action Checklist was updated. There was unanimous commitment to continuing with the Forum. [pictures]
===18th March 2010===
* [[Media:|Agenda]]* [[Media:|Background email ]]
Peckham Vision teamed up with the Peckham Society and the University of Canterbury Architecture School for a Town Centre Forum meeting. 45 second year architecture students joined in to hear about local aspirations for the town centre, the key urban design issues and the need for an integrated vision for the town centre in terms of archticture, innovation and energy potential. The students were about to start their project in urban design and architecture, using Peckham as their case study. [pictures] The meeting coincided with the news that the historic Holdron's building on the corner of Bournemouth Road and Rye Lane was soon to be demolished following an unsuccesful planning applicatiion. [link to PV blog] The owners had been invited to join in the discussions at the meeting but they declined to attend. However, representatives of the owners of the adjacent Copeland Industrial Park, and of the Council buildings stretching along Bournemouth Road, did attend. These wil be useful contacts to build on for further discussions about the evolution of the Copeland Cultural Quarter. There were also some participants from the previous Forums and some new participants from some of the creative enterprises in the Copeland Industrial Park site.

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