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The Peckham Town Centre Forum emerged from the October 2009 meeting [link to minutes] of the Rye Lane & Station Action Group (RLSAG) in the CLF Art Cafe in the Bussey building [picture] in the heart of the Copeland Cultural Quarter. There was a lot of energy at that meeting from all the participants for the dialogue to continue about the issues that need to be tackled on how to revitalise the town centre to be a continuing one instead of stop and start at occasional meetings, and to enable those, who have enthusiasm and energy, to get together to share ideas and take actions. Since then there have been several well attended meetings in the same place in the Bussey building.:
'''* 16th December 2009:''' Just six weeks later, the first meeting [link to minutes] was held, which continued the momentum. [comment on process.] The key conclusions were

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