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The Hannah Barry Gallery first found a home in the emerging Copeland Cultural Quarter in central Peckham in November 2007. The iconic historic [[Bussey Building]], home to almost a hundred artists and small businesses, hosted a seated dinner for 115 guests to celebrate a year of exhibitions at 78 Lyndhurst Way and to thank the many people who had helped and encouraged the artists in their work. Inspired by the unusual conditions at 78 Lyndhurst Way, with its ten rooms and garden, the programme of monthly exhibitions at the house had exhibited monograph bodies of work within a group show. The subject of each show was chosen to encourage progress and experimentation to help young artists develop their ideas in reference to our time. The Hannah Barry Gallery was founded to continue and progress this kind of work. The first exhibition held in the Copeland Cultural Quarter (CCQ) was in Feburary February 2008, in the Bussey building. The Gallery moved to its current permanent space in a warehouse next to the Bussey building within the CCQ after that. For the last four summers - 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 - the Gallery has held a very successful outdoor large sculpture exhibition on the top three floors of the multi storey car park on the other side of the railway tracks running alongside the Bussey building and Copeland site. This has been accompanied by the highly successful pop up Frank's Cafe. In 2011 there was also a straw bale auditorium with a summer long series of events and performances; see here for the [ 5 x 15 event]. See also earlier years' press links and exhibitions articles below.
For more information about the Hannah Barry Gallery see or contact: [].
==Some Press links=='''2010''' <br>* '''Financial Times 1 June 6 August 2010''' - [ SE15: Peckham hootspa] * '''artscouncil.blogspotorg.comuk/news 20 July 2010''' - [http:/2008/ Three innovative visual arts spaces open in Peckham]  * '''nouse.html " 26 January 2010''' - [http://www.nouse. this young serious bold in a Peckham warehouse..."/ Hannah Barry Contemporary Art Gallery]
'''2009''' <br>* '''Hereford Times 23 Evening Standard 20 August 20082009''' - [ Ros Lions lend a helping handdo Peckham challenging Hoxton for art]
* '''Financial Times 25 April 2009''' - [ eight young artists from south London]
* '''Observer 5 July 2009''' - [ Peckham raises the roof]
* '''Time Out London July 2009''' - [ Frank's Café and Campari Bar: Pop-up in Peckham] * '''The Architectural Review 21 July 2009''' - [ Frank’s Cafe, Peckham, London, by Paloma Gormley and Lettice Drake] * ''' 14 August 2009''' - [ Exhibitionist: The best art shows to see this week] * '''Evening Standard 20 August 2009''' - [ Peckham challenging Hoxton for art] * '''New York Times 14 October 2009''' - [ Emerging Artists Find a New 'Blank Canvas' in London] * ''' 16 October 2009''' - [ Five reasons why Peckham is hot] * '''Evening Standard 16 October 2009''' - [ London's artists: the Peckham set]
'''2008''' <br>* '''Financial Times 1 June 2008''' - [ "... this young serious bold gallery in a Peckham warehouse..."]  * '''Hereford Times 23 August 2008''' - [ Ros Lions lend a helping hand] ==Some Exhibitions==;Hannah Barry Gallery, Copeland Cultural Quarter===Emerging Artists Find a New 'Blank Canvas' in London (October 14, 2009)=== Peckham, a run-down district of London, south of the Thames, is said to have the capital’s highest concentration of knife crime, hairdressers and gospel churches. Now, add up-and-coming artists: in easy reach of some of the capital’s leading art schools, the area’s low prices and vast, empty industrial spaces are attracting experimental avant-garde collectives, studios and galleries — a countercultural challenge to the established North-of-the-river world of the Frieze art fair and the gentrified East End.“Peckham is the land of the free. It’s like a blank canvas,” said Hannah Barry, an enterprising 26-year-old who founded her eponymous gallery last year in a warehouse of a former cricket bat factory. [ New York Times Read more]  ===Frank’s Café & Campari Bar – a sign of things to come? (September 2009)=== The summer with Frank’s Café & Campari Bar with its fabulous views from central Peckham came to an end on 26th September 2009. Let’s hope the huge success encourages Frank to start a permanent café in Peckham. In the meantime, see these splendid views by [ Nick Woodford] and a few of the many [ photos and comments] over the summer. ===BOLD TENDENCIES III (30 June - 30 September, 11am-10pm Thurs to Sun)===
;Outdoor sculpture on the roof in Peckham on Level 10, Peckham Rye Multistory Car Park, 95A Rye Lane SE15 4ST
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[[Image:Rebeccaportsmouth.jpg|right|200px|thumb|Photo by Rebecca Portsmouth]]
[ 30 June 2009 londonist Art Preview: Rooftop Sculpture Park in Peckham]
[ 5 July 2009 Observer: Peckham raises the roof]
[ July 2009 Time Out London: Frank's Café and Campari Bar: Pop-up in Peckham] [ 21 July 2009 The Architectural Review: Frank’s Cafe, Peckham, London, by Paloma Gormley and Lettice Drake] [ 14 October 2009 New York Times: Emerging Artists Find a New 'Blank Canvas' in London]  Blogs, all with photos: [ Rebecca’s Journal][ yourlocallondon east dulwich][ Dulwich OnView: A Loo With a View (and a Café Too)][ paint_it_beige][ Jotta: with short video][ Murmur Art - Peckham as London’s most current art area][ Intoxicating Prose - an enchanting evening in Peckham]
[ paint_it_beige]===The Oil Fields (9 July - 30 July 2009)=== [ murmur Art]; Machines by James Caper Paintings by Rob SherwoodThursday-Sunday 12-6pm 133 Copeland Road, Peckham, SE15 3SN
===The Making of Ashes (16 June - 5 July 2009)===

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