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[[Image:PAAP map.png|right|thumb|250px|Peckham Area Action Plan and Opportunity sites.]]
The Council has extende extended the coverage of the PNAAP to include not just the Peckham town centre but also what appears from tehmap the map in teh rport the report to be the whole of the SE15 area, taking allpeckhamin all Peckham, Nunhead and most of Peckham Rye. See also the [[:Image:PAAP map.png|PAAP map]]. This map identifies what the Council calls ‘Opportunity sites’ and also called Development sites’, three of which were identified in the UDP–
*Peckham Rye station, off Rye Lane to the west;
*the multi-storey car park and cinema, off Rye Lane to the east, behind Woolworths
The largest site identified in the UDP as a development site, named site [[Site 63P|63P/71P]] in the [[UDP]], was omitted from the ealier map, see [[Tram depot proposals]] for its location, but has now been included.
The proposed [[Cross-River Tram]], scheduled for operation from 2016 at the earliest, was has been a main feature of the Council's plans for Peckham town centre. While the London Mayor saaid said in November 2008 that thre there is no funding for the tram project and so its future is uncertain, the Council has reconfirmed its commitment to the tram project or something similar to improve transport links to central London. The latest Issues and Options report now out for consultation comments on this and the issues raised for the detailed planning of sites in the town centre. The tram is promised to improve public transport to and from Peckham, help to create employment prospects for Peckham people both locally and elsewhere in London, and help to stimulate trade and businesses in Peckham. The Council also wanted the tram depot located on a major strategic site ([[Site 63P/71P]]) in the heart of the town centre, on the [[Tram depot proposals|seven acre site]] stretching from Rye Lane to Consort Road and Brayard's Road, click [[Tram depot proposals|here]] for map. The Council originally claimed that this also would regenerate the town centre by creating jobs, but the UDP Planning Inspector said that this was based on 'misinformation' that the site was derelict, and he said that the tram depot would remove many more jobs than it created (click [[Effects of tram depot#Inspector's Report|here]] for Inspector's report).
Peckham Vision and others have pointed out that the plan was already causing blight and degeneration which could continue for the 10 years or more before it was completed. In addition the tram depot, which would be a high security site for 24 hours a day would if built:
*close off and sterilise a very large area of the town centre, and could hardly help in its regeneration;
*lose the opportunity that this huge site presents for providing a wide variety of spaces for the continuing developments in creative industries, small businesses, and community uses, which are now occurring in central Peckham.
In response to Peckham Vision comments on the Future Peckham proposals in Spring 2008, the Council's draft Isseus and Options paper now includes an Option the Options for the site without the tram depot, which can be viewed as a Contingency Plan for the site:*in the short to medium term over the next 5 years, to minimise blight during the continuing uncertainty about the locations for the Cross River Tram depots, see also [[Media:Councillor's briefing January 2007 page 5 update.pdf|here]] and [[Cross-River Tram#TfL's search for tram depot sites|here]].*in the longer term beyond means that, in the event that TfL find an alternative location for the main tram depot. This Contingency Plan consultation can feature include the potential major contribution that site 63P/71P can make to the regeneration of Peckham Town Centre, and also to greater Peckham as a whole. This site is indeed a major Opportunity Site which needs to be considered as such in the PAAPPNAAP. See [ here] and below for Peckham Vision's suggestions for this.
==An alternative vision for Rye Lane Central==

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