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This plan complements [ link see here] the similar vision for Peckham Rye station and its adjacent environment behind and in front, which Southwark Council are developing following the agreement to explore opening up the piazza in front of the station see [[Peckham Rye Station|here]].
These ideas about the development of the Copeland Cultural Quarter illustrate an answer to the questions posed in the Council's draft [ PAAP Issues and Options paper] (page 39) about what other uses there are for this site as an alternative to demolishing it for a possible tram depot. This use is already taking place naturally in commercial market conditions and . It can therefore continue to develop organically , preceding , and encouraging, in some aspects the developments envisaged in the transformation of the station and the creation of the public piazza. The Copeland Cultural Quarter has a strategic role as an integral part of the transforming development of this central part of Peckham town centre. This can be seen by its location and scale in the central area of development sites in the heart of the Rye Lane area (see development site no 2 in the Council's [link to slide] PAAP map.

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