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See [[:Image:A Lovely Site for a Depot - Satellite with CCQ.jpg|here]] for a satellite view of the Copeland Cultural Quarter, showing its location, and [[:Image:Streetplan - CCQ and Station.png|here]] for a street plan showing its links with the [[Peckham Rye Station|Peckham Rye station]] area, which is also emerging as a cultural quarter.
<gallery>{||-|[[Image:A Lovely Site for a Depot - Satellite with CCQ.jpg|thumb|200px|left|A comparison of the split-site tram depot and the Copeland Cultural Quarter.]]|[[Image:Streetplan - CCQ and Station.png|thumb|200px|left|A streetplan of the Copeland Cultural Quarter and the proposed redevelopment of [[Peckham Rye Station]].]]</gallery>|}
[[Image:Masterplan - CCQ.png|right|200px|thumb|CCQ masterplan.]]

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