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:''See also: TfL's [[:ImageMedia:Crt-main-brochure.pdf|Cross-River Tram overview brochure]] & [[:ImageMedia:CRT_Waterloo-Peckham.pdf|Waterloo-Peckham Section brochure]] and their [ publications list]''TfL carried out the first preliminary consultation ideas on the tram route (the consultation brochure is available [[:ImageMedia:Crt-main-brochure.pdf|here]]) in December 2006 & January 2007. This asked for views on different options at several parts of the route. TfL said they would consult later in 2007 on the locations for the tram depots, but this has been postponed to an unknown date.
The report on the consultation is now available at
*Getting the tram from Morrison’s car park and Hanover Park to the terminus beside Peckham Rye Station. Here the issue is whether to go a short route along Cerise Rd to the area where the multi-storey car park is currently (which would be demolished), or whether to go a longer route via Clayton Rd and into the area proposed for the tram depot, and which could disrupt the north-south traffic flow at Consort Rd railway bridge.
See [[:ImageMedia:Crt-main-brochure.pdf|here]] for the consultation brochure and the description of the alternative options TfL proposed, and [ here] for the results of the consultation.
==One Way Loop tram route round Peckham Town Centre==

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