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;Transforming Central Rye Lane[[Image:Site_63PBussey Building courtyard.jpg|leftright|150px|The area designated as Site 63P.200px]]The Council land and buildings between Rye Lane and Copeland Road are in the midst a thriving mixed area of developing their planning policies for Peckham town centre. They have completed the [[UDP|Unitary Development Plan (UDP)]] for the boroughartists's land usestudios, art galleries, a variety of small businesses, retail and this includes a statement about certain commercial areascreative industry, housing, including Peckham town centrefaith and other community uses. Click [[Statement for Peckham|here]] for The area has the statement for Peckhamfeel of an emerging Cultural Quarter. The next stage is the development A major part of the [[PAAP|PAAP land (including the Peckham Area Action PlanBussey building) is owned and operated by Copeland Industrial Park (CIP)]]. From May 2007 for several months, and so the Council will be issuing for public consultation a number of papers on different aspects of this. See area and its immediate surrounds is becoming known as the [ Willowbrook Centre Website] for more informationCopeland Cultural Quarter (CCQ).
The proposed draft Masterplan, [[CrossMedia:Masterplan_-River Tram_CCQ_and_Station_-_You_are_here.png|see here]] is a main feature , shows the location and extent of the Council's plans for Peckham town centre, Copeland Cultural Quarter and indicates the kind of mixed organic development there could be on this promises to improve public transport to and from Peckhamsite: * the gradual rehabilitation of the historic buildings integrated with new buildings, help to create employment prospects for Peckham people both locally and elsewhere in London, and help to stimulate trade and businesses in Peckham. [[Visions for PeckhamTransforming Central Rye Lane|More...]]

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