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[[Image:A2_3_Plan_White_with_Keys.jpg|center|350px|Route map of '''Development sites in the Cross-River Tram through Peckham.]]This diagram shows the proposed route of the Cross-River Tram as it comes into the Peckham area and through to the originally proposed single-site depot.Town Centre'''
It was created from [[Image:PAAP map.png|right|thumb|200px|Peckham Area Action Plan and Opportunity sites.]]The Council's draft PNAAP covers the whole of the areas of the Nunhead & Peckham Rye Community Council and the Peckham Community Council. This includes at its heart Peckham town centre, and the shopping area along Queens Road. See the outline of this core on the PNAAP map. This map identifies what the Council calls ‘Opportunity sites’ and also called 'Development sites’, three separate plans drawn by of which were identified in the Railway Systems ConsultantsUDP -* Peckham Rye station, Transport for Londonoff Rye Lane to the west; * the multi-storey car park and cinema, off Rye Lane to the east, behind Woolworths * Peckham Square, Peckham Pulse, and Peckham Wharf, near the Cross-River PartnershipHigh Street. [[Route_map_through_PeckhamVisions for Peckham|MoreRead more...]]

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