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*[[Cross-River Tram]]
{{PicBox|image=TfL_latest_revised_route_map_with_rail.png|imagetext=Camden to Peckham Tram Route|TfL_latest_revised_route_map_with_rail.pdf|text=This is the complete route map from Camden to Peckham released by TfL. The full map is available as a pdf [[Media:TfL_latest_revised_route_map_with_rail.pdf|here]].|pdf=TfL_latest_revised_route_map_with_rail.pdf}}
{{PicBox|image=Crt-main-brochure.png|imagetext=Camden to Peckham Tram Route|text=Proposed Tram stops and track alignment throughout London from Camden to PeckhamThis is an older version of the above map which is now obsolete. You can download it as a pdf [[Media:Crt-main-brochure.pdf|here]].|pdf=Crt-main-brochure.pdf}} ==See also==*[[Cross-River Tram]]
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[[Category:Cross-River Tram maps and plans|Route map]]

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