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===February 2021 Council Scrutiny of Regeneration ===
The Council Overview and Scrutiny Committee is examining the Council's work on regeneration during 2020-2021. They will publish a report during 2021. They took evidence in February 2021 from Eileen Conn (Peckham Vision). * '''[ This is the link to the session.]''' The item on Regeneration starts at 1.00 into the recording, followed by a few minutes break and then at 1.08 continued introduction and start of Eileen’s presentation. Q/As are from 1.20 to 1.47. * '''[[Media:Overview_Scrutiny_Regeneration_Eileen_Conn_9th_Feb_2021_final.pdf|Here is the short paper presented to the Committee.]]' This argues the case for a shift from a demolition-led regeneration to policy to one led by reuse of buildings ''

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