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===June 2021 Construction & climate change===
Since the last Open Studio over a year ago, we have been through the first year of lockdowns in the pandemic and still not sure when all this will end to enable us to meet more normally. In the meantime we have carried on much of the work by zoom meetings. One of our actions has been to continue the development of Peckham Vision community education posters. We have added one on the role of the Construction industry in demolishing buildings and so contributing to the climate emergency. See image to the right. [[Media:Peckham_Vision_sustainable_construction_poster_final.pdf|This poster is available here in pdf.]]
===February 2021 Council Scrutiny of Regeneration ===
The Council Overview and Scrutiny Committee is examining the Council's work on regeneration during 2020-2021. They will publish a report during 2021. They took evidence in February 2021 from Eileen Conn (Peckham Vision). '''[ This is the link to the session.]''' The item on Regeneration starts at 1.00 into the recording, followed by a few minutes break and then at 1.08 continued introduction and start of Eileen’s presentation. Q/As are from 1.20 to 1.47. '''[[Media:Overview_Scrutiny_Regeneration_Eileen_Conn_9th_Feb_2021_final.pdf|Here is the short paper presented to the Committee.]]' This argues the case for a shift from a demolition-led regeneration to policy to one led by reuse of buildings ''

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