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==Developer's Email List for Information==
The developer will be arranging workshops conducted a poor consultation in August 2020 the height of the holiday season and exhibitions for more consultationswhen we are all still recovering from the COVID lockdown. They say that is the last before submitting the planning application in September. Please sign the petition to have really meaningful consultation before the planning application. Developer's information '''[ about the development is here.]''' People should email to ask to be on their mailing list for future workshops, consultations, exhibitions and information.
[[Image:ACA A3 Poster 01 new pink-01.jpg|thumb|300px|]]
[[Image:PV 4 sites walk & Bussey studio location map 2 lo.jpg|thumb|200px]]
[[Image:NSP Area Visions and Site Allocations Preferred Option draft (web) (1)-209.jpg|thumb|300px|site map in NSP 2017 Preferred Option]]
[[Image:Aylesham Plan.png|thumb|300px|site map in PNAAP 2014]]
==Latest News about the development==

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