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Peckham Vision's focus is community and civic engagement in matters affecting Peckham town centre, and related matters affecting London SE15 more widely.
We are a resident-led local citizens' association of individuals who live, work or run a business in Peckham. The vision is to support develop an integrated approach to [[Peckham_Town_Centre|Peckham town centre]] as essential to a thriving and sustainable social and commercial centre, and to contribute to Peckham being a good place for all in which to live, work and visit. The objects of the Group are to:
* '''''Promote and encourage citizen action''''' to help Peckham town centre to become an integrated and resilient place and links past, present and future for the benefit of all who live and work there.
* '''''Create and nurture ways of connecting people''''' in Peckham who share enthusiasm and desire to help develop and realise the potential of Peckham, and to make the lessons available beyond Peckham.<BR>

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