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* October 2015: '''[ Launch of Ordinary Streets film]''' - a short film based on an ethnographic and visual exploration of the spaces, economies and cultures of ‘street’... through the lens of Rye Lane in Peckham. Eileen Conn Peckham Vision contributes.
* July 2015: '''[ Video of talk by Eileen Conn at Just Space Conference on The London Plan and Building other ways of thinking about London's economy.]'''
* March 2016: '''[ News report: Peckham Vision and the Saviour of Copeland Park: Artefact]''' video 10 mins.
* 17th March 2017: [ Call for action for community development at CDNL (Community Development Network London)] How neighbourhood community planning action groups are part of community development work.
** [ Eileen Conn on Peckham Vision as a neighbourhood planning group and part of the London Just Space network 14 min video]
** [ Richard Lee on Just Space 13 Minutes video]
* April 2017 [ London ITN News saving the PeckhamPlex cinema]
* November 2017 [ Old Mill Building threatened with demolition]
====Media reports relating to Peckham Vision's work====
* Feb 2007 Peckham Vision's forecast of Peckham's Cultural Quarter in Time Out ---------------------------->>>>>>>>>>>>
* December 2012 [[Media:Coming_of_Overground_peckham_article_Dec_2012.jpg|coming of the Overground]]
* 4th December 2014 [ The new community: How records are shaping local culture in South East London]

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