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* September 2017 [[Media:Peck Fest Acorn Review BusseyBuilding PV role.pdf|'Peckham's Cultural Epicentre' in Southwark Review as a pdf]]
* August 2018 [ Mapping Peckham in South London Gallery Journal blog: contribution from 'Eileen Conn, Founder and Coordinator of Peckham Vision']
* October 2018 [[ImageMedia:My London Story crop med for webMy_London_Story.jpg|thumb|right|300pxpdf|Time Out October 2018]] [Media:My London Story crop med for web.jpg g Time Out article]
* July 2019 [ Defending her area against the soulless and the expensive - Peckham Vision's Eileen Conn is a hero of localism]
'''''Previous media reports on Peckham Vision work are currently being collated.'''''

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