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* '''FACT BASED AUDITS''' '''[ How to transform community engagement.]'''*'''[[Planning#January_2019_London_Plan_EiP|London Plan Public Hearings -]] <br>''' Peckham Vision's evidence for different & better ways of enabling community contributions to planning:<br>** [[Media:London_Plan_EiP_E_Conn_statement_M9-converted.pdf|- Peckham Vision written statement]] on importance of collaboration with the organised community sector.<br>** [[Media:London_Plan_EiP_E_Conn_statement_M15-converted.pdf|- Peckham Vision written statement]] - Peckham Vision work in Central Rye Lane as case study of regeneration without demolition and redevelopment. '''[[Media:PP_10-11_Eileen_Conn.pdf|PECKHAM PECULIAR INTERVIEW Feb 2019 Pages 10-11]]''' <br>
''''THINGS DON'T JUST HAPPEN': ''' there is hard work in community action behind the scenes of successful campaigns:'''[[Media:My_London_Story.pdf|Time Out article.]]'''<br>
'''[[Media:PP_10-11_Eileen_Conn.pdf|PECKHAM PECULIAR INTERVIEW Feb 2019 Pages 10-11]]''' <br>
'''PECKHAM MULTI STOREY CAMPAIGN''' [[Multi-Storey_Car_Park|Merchandise for sale in Peckham Vision shop in Holdrons Arcade]]

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