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* on the '''[[Media:London_Plan_EiP_EConn_statement_M51_-_M53.pdf|role of local community organisations and processes]] ''' in the living nature of 'social infrastructure', without which the Plan will not be able to 'create a healthy city and building strong and inclusive communities' as it aims to do. This will be the subject of the examination of Chapter 5 on Social Infrastructure, in the session on '''Friday 3rd May 2019 at 9.30am - 1pm.'''
Here is '''[ a brief report of the discussion at the EiP on 23rd January on Strategic and local regeneration (Matter 15)] ''' where the Planning Inspector invited Eileen Conn to open the discussion with a 3 minute account of Peckham Vision's experience of the community role in the self regeneration of the area in Central Rye Lane. Eileen pointed out the need for an agreed fact based audit of the existing assets and uses and potential of sites before plans for redevelopment were begun. This was echoed by the other community organisations also giving evidence.

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