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After a campaign organised by the amenity groups in Southwark, leading up to the local elections in May 2018, the Council agreed to introduce a Heritage Local List. This has now been included as a new policy in the proposed [[New_Southwark_Plan_(NSP)|New Southwark Plan (NSP).]] The Council are aiming to consult on the preparation of the Local List in the autumn of 2019 2020 in a draft Supplementary Planning Document (SPD). Further information is shown on this webpage below.'''[[Local_List#Protecting_our_Local_Heritage|Click here for Peckham Vision's display panel explaining the heritage Local List for events in Peckham.]]''' ==Peckham buildings and spaces December 2019==In Southwark we will in the next year or so have a Council Heritage Local List which will be an official way to record all local buildings and spaces that have local value through social history or architectural characteristics that deserve protection from demolition or redevelopment. This is a great opportunity for people who care about communities or historical buildings to identify what they think needs protection and get it on to the list for nomination when the process starts. Peckham Vision is working with the [ Peckham Heritage Partnership] to develop such a list for this area and would encourage anyone interested in getting involved in this to get in touch with us through email . For background and further info please see below. 
==Community Workshop 3rd July==
Wednesday 3rd July 6.30pm drop in to the Old Mill Building, see inside and complete our short survey; 7-9pm Local Heritage workshop. <br>

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