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*[[Southwark Planning Network]]
[[Image:A4 v1 colour pub meeting 6 Nov 2019.jpg|thumb|right|300px|]]
[[Image:IMG 6789 Old Mill Building web.jpg|thumb|right|200px|Old Mill Building]]
[[Image:Local List leaflet SOCIAL front.jpg|thumb|right|400px|]]
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===6th November 2019 Public Meeting===
This is a local community meeting especially for those who live or work around the Blackpool Road area between Consort Road and Copeland Road, and also open to anyone interested in Peckham. The meeting is part pf Peckham Vision's preparation for the Public Hearings into the New Southwark Plan expected in early 2020. '''The building is open to visit 6.30pm to 7.00pm before the public meeting,''' and to complete a survey on its value to the community.
===2019 open for visits===
[[Image:SNews OMB 14 Feb 2019 adj med.jpg|thumb|left|450px|]]
* '''Wednesdays 6.15-7.15pm:''' An opportunity for '''drop-in visits to the Old Mill Building''' has been arranged with [ Community Outreach Ministries] '''starting on Wednesday 13th Februaryto 20th March 2019'''. The building will be open on '''Wednesdays each week from 6.15pm to 7.15pm '''when you can drop-in and see the building from the inside and the exhibition of photos and history about it and its restoration and its uses.
* '''Saturday 9th March 9.30am - 3pm:''' fundraising BootSale with refreshments and games on '''Saturday 9th March 10am-3pm. Doors open at 9.30am.''' Funds raised are for the homeless through [ ThamesReach.]
* '''Wednesday 20th March 6pm-9pm:''' Also a public meeting on Local Heritage is being arranged for '''Wed 20th March 2019 -6-9pm''' in the building. Exhibiton 6-7pm, and meeting from 7-9pm with invited Speakers and Discussion. '''[[Local_List|More info here.]]'''
* ''''''[ short video about the building,''']''' which is entered from Copeland Road opposite Bournemouth Road.
* '''LOCATION:''' The building is on Copeland Road opposite Bournemouth Road and opposite the entrance to Copeland Park and the Bussey Building. It is between Blackpool Road and the railway bridge. [[Media:OMB_location_image.pdf|See picture here.]]
*''' HISTORY:''' [ Article in Peckham Society News January 2018.]
===Community survey on preserving the building===
* 3. Do you have any further comments to make about this building or the Council’s plans for the demolition and redevelopment of all the land on both sides of [[Blackpool_Road#Introduction_to_Blackpool_Road_site|Blackpool Road?]]

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