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Peckham Vision is a small local groupteam, with a large local network, which has for over 12 15 years taken an active close interest in planning, regeneration and related matters in Peckham town centre. We have developed an extensive communications system to about 12,000 locals within 2-3 miles of Peckham town centre through email, social media,local events and our . Our community studio in the Bussey Building, Stair C, 2nd floor is open on a day at the weekend. See '''[[Main_Page|here for the next Open Day date.]]''' Peckham Vision community shop in Holdron's Arcade, 135a Rye Lane, is open for ad hoc and publicised pop-ups, and for viewing information displays and exhibition every Saturday afternoon day. NOTE: All public events are currently suspended because of Covid and first Thursday evening each monthsocial distancing requirements.  [[Image:Peckham Vision Volunteering v.07 - web text 1024twitter.jpg|thumb|right|600px|]]
[[Image:Montage v.02 web.jpg||thumb|right|500px|Peckham Vision people, places and actions]]
We There are a team of about 12 5 of us in the core team, with several others who work on a wide variety of aspects for the campaigns and outreach and communications. This venture is run fully by local people voluntarily. But there are just a few the 5 of us who handle the back office work alongside leading and coordinating the campaigns. We are aiming to recruit more volunteers to join us to share the back office work. There is more information about this below. Flexibility, availability, continuity and reliability are key to this. There are also lots of other great ways of getting involvedwhen Covid complications allow.
If you would like to see how you could help the work behind the scenes to keep the show on the road, and / or how to get involved in the campaigns and for any further information, please:* drop in follow us on Facebook or Twitter to learn about the Peckham Vision shop on Saturdays 2-5pm or first Thursdays 7-9pm each monthwork, in Holdrons Arcade, 135A Rye Laneand let us know what you think you might be able to offer to help.* email us at info@peckhamvisionOur usual ways of getting to know you and discussing ways to help through our public events are suspended because of
==February 2019 Volunteer opportunities ==
Peckham Vision's small team are looking for people who can help in a variety of ways to enable our work to continue. If you can offer a few hours a month or more, we would be delighted to hear from you. <br>'''Email for an outline of any of the roles listed here:'''
* '''Creative Retail''' - manage and organise all aspects to sustain small, accessible, meeting, retail space.
* '''Treasurer''' - manage and organise PV's financial transactions from cash accounts to systems design.
'''If you would like to see how you could help and for further information, please:'''
* drop in to the Peckham Vision shop follow us on Saturdays 2-5pm or Tuesdays 2-4pm, in Holdrons Arcade, 135A Rye Lanesocial media.
* email us at

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