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The large imposing Victorian building at 72 Copeland Road, next to the bus garage, was built in the 1870s to manufacture British wine, and continued until the 1950s. [ More of the history here] in the Peckham Society News. It is an important part of Peckham’s industrial history, along with the Bussey Building and the nearby brick rail arches.
* '''Demolition threat:''' It came into Council ownership and was part of the demolition planned by the Council for [[Cross-River_Tram#Tram_Depot_Impact|the tram depot site in 2004-2009.]] That would also have demolished Copeland Park, Bussey Building, Khan’s Bargain stores, Holdrons Arcade, Old Mill Building, Build Base and more. After Peckham Vision’s long campaign, this threat was finally lifted in 2009.
* '''Building restored:''' The building has been restored by [ Community Outreach Ministries ] and has great potential for community activities for decades to come. It is now under threat again by new Council plans for the redevelopment of both sides of [[Blackpool_Road#Introduction_to_Blackpool_Road_site|Blackpool Road.]]
* '''Protecting local heritage and community assets:''' The case for preserving it as a community asset and as a heritage building will be put by local people at the Public Hearings in 2019 into the [[New_Southwark_Plan_(NSP)|New Southwark Plan (NSP)]].
* '''Help save the building:''' You can support the community case by completing Peckham Vision’s short survey '''- see below -''' to give your views about the building. The comments will be collated as evidence to put to the Inspector at the NSP Public Hearings.

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