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The Peckham Experiment was a study into the nature of health in the 1920s-1940s. The researchers decided to study the family unit in a community setting to identify what contributes to human health. See below for more information. This page records the current work in Peckham to bring the information about the Peckham Experiment back into Peckham today. Peckham Vision shop, in Holdrons Arcade at 135A Rye Lane, has original Peckham Experiment books and later publications for sale and reference. Eileen Conn, Peckham Vision coordinator and long term resident in Peckham, is the local contact and a [ Pioneer Health Foundation (PHF)] Associate, and a member of the [ South London Gallery Heritage Roots project currently focusing on the Peckham Experiment.] Peckham Vision operates from a Peckham Experiment kind of approach to the nature of human health and society. Underlying the work of Peckham Vision is the understanding that the strength of a community lies in the connections between people who live, work or run businesses in the same neighbourhood. More information: [[Media:PV_%26_PEX_as_in_A5_leaflet_A4.pdf|Peckham Vision and the Peckham Experiment]]<br>
A well researched history by [ Justin De Syllas of all aspects of the Peckham Experiment] is under way. The results are being published gradually as they are completed in stages on a website called ''[ NURTURING INTREPID CITIZENS The Pioneer Health Centre and the politics of welfare in early 20th century London.]''
===January 2019===
The South London Gallery’s Arts Assassins youth group took the theme of the Peckham Experiment for 18 months in 2017-2018 in the [ Heritage Roots Project]. The group [ visited Peckham Vision and Rye Lane] early in the project, and Eileen Conn coordinator of Peckham Vision was part of the Gallery’s Advisory Group during the project. The project concluded in September 2018 with [ an exhibition and events.] [ Here is the group talking about their project.]
===September 2018===

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