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===Working arrangements===
[[Image:Holdron's sign IMG 6121adj 2400.jpg|right|250px]]
* Peckham Vision has a community shop in Holdron's Arcade at 135a Rye Lane, donated for community use by the owners Copeland Park. The shop is open on Saturdays 2-5pm and Tuesdays from 2the first Thursdays 7-4pm9pm each month. It is an information hub and a place for discussions about the town centre, and related matters, and sells for fund raising Peckham themed goods. The arcade is on the site of the original arcade in the Edwardian Holdrons as in the photo. Half the current arcade is embedded in the 1930s art deco building, now occupied by Khan's Bargain store.The other half is housed in the remnants of the Edwardian arcade behind the back of Khan's.
* Peckham Vision is a '''[[Media:Peckham Vision Constitution ( Revised 23.5.14).pdf|constituted]] '''community association. The work is managed and conducted by a small community team of residents, supported by a range of local people who volunteer for particular events and activities. A Friends organisation is planned for supporters, and for fund raising to support the considerable work that residents are carrying out unpaid. Peckham Vision has a mailing list of over 3000 local people. Our policy on protection of that data is set out in [[Media:Peckham_Vision_Privacy_Policy_FINAL.pdf|this statement]].<BR>

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