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===Community survey on preserving the building===
The ‘Old Mill Building’ was built between 1870 and 1890 as a ‘British wine manufactory’. It is a fine example of an attractive sturdy Victorian brick building, close by the amazing Victorian brick arch of the Consort Road rail bridge and the Bussey Building across the road in Copeland Park. It continued in the wine manufacturing business until the 1950s, passing into Council ownership by the 1960s ([ in from the 'Peckham Society News’ Winter 2017.]) It became derelict and was threatened with redevelopment by the Council in 2005. Community Outreach Ministries have restored the building since 2008 for use as their church and also for community events and facilities. <br>
It is now threatened again with demolition through the Council’s proposal in the [[New_Southwark_Plan_(NSP)|New Southwark Plan (NSP)]] for the redevelopment of all the land on both sides of [[Blackpool_Road#Introduction_to_Blackpool_Road_site|Blackpool Road.]]. The case for preserving the Old Mill Building as an important asset for community uses and as a heritage building will be presented by local people at the Public Hearings into the New Southwark Plan (NSP) in 2019. <br>

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