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===Sun 13th May Goose Green fair in the Dulwich Festival===
[[Image:GooseGreen PeckchamVisionTeam(13.05.18).jpg|350px|thumb|right|thumb|Goose Green Fair 13 May 2018]]
This was the 11th year that Peckham Vision had a stall at the Goose Green fair keeping people informed about developments in Peckham town centre and engaing them in discussions about the neighborhood. Community activism is a way of local people helping to influence what happens in their own neighbourhoods. The formal ways of doing this happen too late in the process. Local people can have an effect but it needs continuing watchfulness and anticipation of long term planning processes which only organised community action can undertake. All over Southwark local people are working hard to do this for their neighbourhoods. Evidence of this was at [[Community_Hustings_2018|the Community Hustings]] organised by a collection of those groups in the [[Southwark_Planning_Network|Southwark Planning Network]] on 14th April 2018. There are groups working like this all over London, and they belong to the [ London network Just Space]. Similar groups and networks exist all over the UK. The formal organisations with authority and control over the decisions, and the professions whose commercial business is property and development such as developers, architects and estate agents, do not on the whole value the contributions made by local communities in these processes. <br>
Very often as local people are shut out of the deliberative policy making process until too late all that is left is to oppose. The media then focus on that in their reports, ignoring the patient tenacious real hard work that many local people are doing continuously to help their localities make an informed and effective contribution when the formal processes allow. A rare acknowledgement of this hard and high quality local work over many years is in [ this commentary] and [ this commentary] about the Kings Cross major development. Peckham Vision suffers from this also as very rarely does the Council ever mention the contribution that Peckham Vision has made in creating effective ways to develop understanding in the locality about the planning issues and facilitated their contributions which has created the way in which the area in Central Rye Lane has developed itself over the last 10 years. The Council's imposed plans have been countered at every stage over the last 13 years with well informed actions helping to shape what has evolved. This hard work is rarely acknowledged so Peckham Vision's theme this year 2018 is to publicise that ''''THINGS DON'T JUST HAPPEN''''.

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