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[[Image:Central_Rye_Lane_area_map_-_vivid_cont_v.07_flat.jpg|right|280px|thumb|Peckham Vision 'hotspot' map for central Rye Lane creative & cultural enterprises]]
[[Media:A1 PV Panel - CRL - Integrated Whole v.09.jpg|This panel (click here)]] shows the [[Peckham_Rye_Station#Introduction|historic station]] at the centre of the area which is at the heart of [ Peckham’s growing reputation as a ‘hotspot’] for the creative and cultural industries. It is surrounded by five sites within a few minutes walk of each other and they have in common old and underused buildings suitable for a wide variety of creative and cultural enterprises. The panel shows the latest version of the community masterplan idea, and gives the latest news on the planning and development of each of the five sites. Each still has [[Planning#April_2014_Planning_issues_in_central_Rye_Lane|uncertainties in its future,]] and shows the continued need for concerted community action to monitor their planning and development.
===Central Rye Lane: Peckham’s Cultural ‘Hotspot’===

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