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The Council will present all the comments to the Government for the public hearings to be conducted by an independent Planning Inspector later this year. The more comments there are about a particular site the more likely that site will be examined at the public hearings.
* For the Council's [ proposals for the site, click here.] To see them, click on the link for Peckham in the list of neighbourhoods. There you will find a one page map, one page Peckham Area Vision statement and 2 pages for NSP76 Blackpool Rd on pages 314-315. Look at the map of the site, the 'site vision' text and the 'design and accessibility guidance' text. That is all that is said and it is an inadequate guide for the redevelopment, as well as ignoring the current viable businesses and uses of the site.
[[ Media:Blackpool_Road_Business_Park_representation.pdf|This is a suggested format for the comments.]] The text in that can be copied and pasted into an email (after adding your personal details) and you can add or edit it as you wish. It would be good to tweak it to personalise it, but this is not essential.<br>
Please email if you have any queries. You could also drop in to the Peckham Vision shop in Holdrons Arcade, 135A Rye Lane on Saturday 24th February 2-5pm. We will be glad to help on this.

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