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==An Integrated Plan for East & West Central Rye Lane==
A conceptual 'masterplan' idea for central Rye Lane has been developed since 2008 by Peckham Vision. This emerged from the [[Copeland_Cultural_Quarter|campaign from 2005 to stop the Council's plan to demolish 5-6 acres for a tram depot.]] The plan idea shows Network Rail land east and west of Rye Lane, and the adjacent sites, and how they can link together in an integrated view of that central part of Rye Lane. The material below shows how these sites are nurturing the new cultural economy and also have the potential for two new green paths just seconds away from Rye Lane. The [[OWR_exhibition_displays#Peckham_town_centre:_an_integrated_approach|Peckham Vision mobile exhibition panels about central Rye Lane,]] [[Media:OWR_exh_posters_sec_1_x_9_v.04.pdf|(download pdf version),]] first displayed in the [[OWR_exhibition|Old Waiting Room exhibition in August 2012]], have now been revised and updated. There are now four new A1 display panels, which can be downloaded:
[[Image:Masterplan 20-Mar-14 nopaths.png|280px|right|thumb|Peckham Vision Masterplan idea for an integrated approach to central Rye Lane]]

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