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===15th September 2017 Search for local memories ===
During the second annual [ Peckham Festival 15-17 September,] the South London Gallery [ youth group Arts Assassins] launched [[Media:Peckham Fest leaflet 2017 - Art Assasins - PEX.pdf|a search for people who had memories of the Peckham Experiment themselves or through older family membersor friends.]] Peckham Vision is a partner in the [ South London Gallery Heritage Roots project] taking the Peckham Experiment as its theme. [[Media:Peckham Fest leaflet 2017 - Art Assasins - PEX.pdf|The leaflet]] about the search was launched in [ Peckham Vision’s Open Studio during the Peckham Festival,] in a new exhibition telling the story of the community role in shaping Peckham town centre. The new exhibition included [[Peckham_Experiment#28th_January_2017_Peckham_Vision_display_at_Community_Council|Peckham Vision's display]] about the Peckham Experiment and its pioneering approach to understanding health. The [[Peckham_Experiment#Where_was_the_Peckham_Experiment.3F|maps displayed]] showed that the area covered by the Experiment in 1935-1950 included the Bussey Building and Copeland Park where Peckham Vision started and has its studio. [[Media:PV_%26_PEX_as_in_A5_leaflet_A4.pdf|Peckham Vision's approach to community engagement links with the pioneering Peckham Experiment's understanding of the relationship between individuals in community, and that enabling freedom for self determination cultivates health.]]

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