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===29th August 2017 Heritage Roots project visit===
 [[Image:Art Deco montage - flat 2400.jpg|right|thumb|400px|Rye Lane Art Deco cluster montage]] 
The South London Gallery (SLG) youth group, with [ artist Eleanor Wright], met with Peckham Vision. Eileen Conn showed them the [[Art_Deco_Quarter#The_Art_Deco_cluster.2Fquarter|Art Deco buildings in Rye Lane]] and gave a brief account of their historical and architectural significance. We ended with a discussion in the Peckham Vision studio with Eleanor exploring relations between buildings and people. The interest is sparked by the famous Art Deco building in St Mary’s Road to the east of Rye Lane. This was designed and built for the Peckham Experiment which opened in 1935.
The SLG are currently [ inviting applications for a HISTORIAN IN RESIDENCE] to work with the youth group up to October 2018. This will be of interest to anyone keen on the Peckham Experiment and with skills in heritage research.

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