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[[Image:Peckham High St elevation.jpg|thumb|center|900px|historic Peckham High Street south side]]
[[Image:Peckham High St Service road 1.jpg|thumb|center|900px|service road & backs of Peckham High Street south side]]
==Townscape Heritage initiative (THI)==
The Peckham Townscape Heritage Initiative (Peckham THI) is funded jointly by the Heritage Lottery Fund and Southwark Council. It’s a five year project currently due to end in October 2019. The purpose of the project is to contribute to the regeneration of Peckham town by part-funding the restoration and repairs of some of Peckham town centre’s oldest and finest buildings. In 2012 Peckham Vision invited Heritage Lottery to visit Peckham town centre and we showed them why we thought it was a candidate for the THI scheme. They encouraged us to submit a proposal to Southwark Council which we did. As a result in 2012 the proposal passed the first stage of approval and in 2014 secured the funding: the Heritage Lottery Fund granted £1.675m and Southwark committed additional funding to make a common fund of £2.3m. On [ the Peckham THI website] for building owners there is information about how to apply for funding. There are also updates on individual THI buildings as they are restored; news and invitations about the THI community projects; introductions to the Rye Lane Conservation Area and planning requirements; and sign-posts to sources of information about Peckham’s rich heritage and how to maintain traditional buildings. More info on the THI now in operation:
==Conservation Area for Peckham town centre==

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