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* Peckham Vision is a [[Media:Peckham Vision Constitution ( Revised 23.5.14).pdf|constituted]] community association. The work is managed and conducted by a small community team of residents, supported by a range of local people who volunteer for particular events and activities. A Friends organisation is planned for supporters, and for fund raising to support and pay for the considerable work that residents are carrying out unpaid.<BR>
* Peckham Vision works closely with other local groups, such as the [ Peckham Society,] [ Transition Town Peckham,] the [ Bellenden Residents Group,] the [[Rye Lane Traders' Association|Rye Lane Traders' Association (RLTA),]] [ Copeland Park] and [ Benedict O’Looney Architects].<BR>
* There are working contacts with Southwark Council, and the rail companies - Network Rail and Southern Rail.

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