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*[[Peckham Experiment]]
[[Image:A5-day4-updated (1).jpg|thumb|right|50px|]]
[[Image:Local List leaflet SOCIAL 1.jpg|thumb|right|50px]]
[[Image:2019 open day poster-page-001.jpg|thumb|right|50px|]]
===June-August 2019===
* '''Sat 3rd August 5-6pm''' Long Live South Bank - Protecting our community spaces: '''panel discussion including Eileen Conn from Peckham Vision.''' Free exhibtion & events 11am-7pm.
* '''[ Fri 26th July 11am-4pm at Tate Exchange. Register here.]''' Eileen Conn from Peckham Vision leading a workshop on the nature of community, in Just Space workshop developing collaboration between community groups and universities.
* '''Tues 16th July 9am to 2pm''' at British Library, Eileen Conn speaking at [ Conference on Developing Trust: Public Participation in Planning by Centre for London.]
* '''Wed 3rd July 6.30-7pm drop-in to see the building '''[[Old_Mill_Building|Save the Old Mill Building (OMB) campaign]]'''
* '''Wed 3rd July 7-9pm''' [[Local_List|Local Heritage workshop in the OMB.]]<br>
* '''Saturday 29th June 12=6pm''' [ Peckham Vision stall at Brimmington Park Festival.]
*''' Saturday 1st June 12-3pm:''' [ Peckham Vision stall Level 5 at Open Studios Peckham Levels]
===February-May 2019===
* '''Saturday 18th May 11am-5pm:''' [|come & visit Peckham Vision stall at Nunhead Cemetery Open Day.]
* '''[[Old_Mill_Building|Save the Old Mill Building campaign:]]'''
** '''from 13th February drop-in each Wednesday 6.15-7.15pm''' see building and exhibition, and give your views.
** '''Wed 20th March 6pm exhibtion, 7-9pm Public meeting.''' Local Heritage. Speakers & discussion.
[[Image:Winter open studios INSTAGRAM-02.jpg|thumb|right|50px|]]
[[Image:A6 2018 CRL walk Peckham Festival - colour lo.jpg|thumb|right|100px|]]
===October-December 2018===
* '''Sat 1st December 12-6pm''' [ Peckham Vision studio in Bussey Winter Open Studios]
* '''Sat 1st December 12-4pm''' Peckham Vision stall in Peckham Levels Open Studios Weekend
* '''Mon 22nd October 2018 7-9pm''' [ Southwark Planning Network meeting with Council]<br>
===22nd & 23rd September 2018===
Peckham Vision will have its stall of information in the Old Waiting Room which is open from 10am to 5pm in the [ London Open House weekend.] Here is some of [[Old_Waiting_Room#September_2018|the story of the community work]] to support and promote the restration of the Old Waitin Room
* '''Sat & Sun 22nd & 23rd September [ Old Waiting Room open 10am-5pm in Open House weekend]'''
** [[Old_Waiting_Room#September_2018|community story of the restoration of the Old Waiting Room.]]
===15th September 2018 Central Rye Lane Walk===
This is Peckham Vision’s contribution to the Peckham Festival. The studio exhibition will be open on the Saturday 12-2pm, followed by the tour of the Central Rye Lane area led by Eileen Conn, Peckham Vision founder and coordinator. This will visit places where Peckham Vision’s work to save buildings from destruction and promoting reuses for them has had a visible effect in the now transforming and vibrant town centre economy. This tour is part of Peckham Vision’s civic education using this as an example of the community having an effect through involvement in planning. '''Places on the tour need to be booked through eventbrite:'''<br>
* On the way from the Bussey Building and Copeland Park across the road in Rye Lane, saved in 2009, the tour walked up the restored and extended staircase from the station forecourt to the Old Waiting Room for a short talk about the history of the room and Peckham Vision's community work to promote and support its restoration since 2006. Then on to the businesses operating in the rest of the buildings around the station and the businesses saved from total clearance for the proposed redevelopment in 2014, including especially the micro economy in Blenheim Court Arches Studios.
===9th September 2018 Old Mill Building===
[[Image:CW 4Southwark Interfaith Walk 2018-page-001 OMB cropped.jpg|200px|thumb|right|thumb|]]
Peckham Vision has collaborated with SMFF to arrange the first two stops on the [[Media:CW_4Southwark_Interfaith_Walk_2018.pdf|Southwark Inter-Faith walk to take place on Sunday 9th September.]] It starts at 12pm midday at the Old Mill Building 72 Copeland Park, SE15, the home of Communities Outreach Ministries, a Pentecostal church. There will be a talk about the church and its community, and also their restoration of the Victorian factory building. This is [[Blackpool_Road|threatened by redevelopment]] and Peckham Vision and Community Outreach Ministries are working together to present the case for its preservation as an important historical and social asset. The walk will leave the building at 1pm and walk to Rye Lane Chapel through the Copeland Park which is home to several churches and a mosque as well as hundreds of small businesses,. The campaign to save this site 2005-2009 gave birth to Peckham Vision, and where Peckham Vision studio and shop are located.
===1st September 2018 Peckham Rye Fete===
[[Image:Foprp fete 18 A4 poster aw1.png|200px|thumb|right|thumb|]]
The Peckham Vision stall will be at the Peckham Rye Fete for the 9th year! We will have the latest information about the Council's planning policies and what we as a local community team are doing to help us all to have a real effect on what they do to our neighbourhoods. [ See here for info on the Fete.]
===19th & 21st July 2018 Just Space at Tate Exchange===
Peckham Vision contributed examples of its information panels about its work in Central Rye Lane to save buildings from demolition for reuse and as a result helping them to transform the local economy. Eileen Conn's two panels about the nature of community dynamics and organisational structures were displayed also in the Just Space part of Public Works exhibition of Civic Action in London.
===30th June 2018 Tate Exchange===
On Saturday 30th June, we took part in the ‘Southwark Untold’ exhibition at Tate Exchange. This was a week long programme organised by PemPeople for groups in Southwark to use the 5th floor of the new Tate Modern building to display what they do, for the visitors to the Tate to experience. Our audience was mostly other exhibitors. This was great for sharing stories and discussing local organised community action, developments in Peckham, and the state of the world. We showed pictures from our 13 years of archives illustrating Peckham Vision’s untold story of the non-stop real work on planning issues in Peckham town centre, especially in Central Rye Lane. Great thanks to PemPeople for the inspiring idea giving voice and space to parts of many untold stories.
===Sat 19th May Nunhead Cemetery Open Day===
LINK & Photos
===Sun 13th May Goose Green fair in the Dulwich Festival===
[[Image:GooseGreen PeckchamVisionTeam(13.05.18).jpg|350px|thumb|right|thumb|Goose Green Fair 13 May 2018]]
This was the 11th year that Peckham Vision had a stall at the Goose Green fair keeping people informed about developments in Peckham town centre and engaging them in discussions about the neighbourhood. Community activism is a way of local people helping to influence what happens in their own neighbourhoods. The formal ways of doing this happen too late in the process. Local people can have an effect but it needs continuing watchfulness and anticipation of long term planning processes which only organised community action can undertake. All over Southwark local people are working hard to do this for their neighbourhoods. Evidence of this was at [[Community_Hustings_2018|the Community Hustings]] organised by a collection of those groups in the [[Southwark_Planning_Network|Southwark Planning Network]] on 14th April 2018. There are groups working like this all over London, and they belong to the [ London network Just Space]. Similar groups and networks exist all over the UK. The formal organisations with authority and control over the decisions, and the professions whose commercial business is property and development such as developers, architects and estate agents, do not on the whole value the contributions made by local communities in these processes. <br>
Very often as local people are shut out of the deliberative policy making process until too late, all that is left is to oppose. The media then focus on that in their reports, ignoring the patient tenacious real hard work that many local people are doing continuously to help their localities make an informed and effective contribution when the formal processes allow. A rare acknowledgement of this hard and high quality local work over many years is in [ this commentary] and [ this Guardian commentary] about the Kings Cross major development. Peckham Vision suffers from this also as very rarely does the Council ever mention the contribution that Peckham Vision has made in creating effective ways to develop understanding in the locality about the planning issues and facilitated their contributions which has created the way in which the area in Central Rye Lane has developed itself over the last 10 years. The Council's imposed plans have been countered at every stage over the last 13 years with well informed actions helping to shape what has evolved. This hard work is rarely acknowledged so Peckham Vision's theme this year 2018 is to publicise that ''''THINGS DON'T JUST HAPPEN''''.
===Sat 21st April Rye Wax Run Out event in Copeland Park=== & Photos
===Sat 14th April Community Hustings on Planning and Regeneration=== & Photos
===Jan-Feb New Southwark Plan (NSP) workshops===
There were [[New_Southwark_Plan_(NSP)|10 workshops arranged around the borough]] by PV for the Southwark Planning Network (SPN) helping people to make their representations on the NSP. 3 of these were in the Peckham Vision studio
<br><photos to be uploaded>
[[Image:Panels-display-notice.jpg|exhibition explanation|thumb|200px|exhibition explanation]]
===8th-10th December 2017 Peckham Levels opening weekend===
Peckham Vision showed a small exhibition on the ramp between levels 5 and 6 about the history of Peckham Vision's community campaign about the long term future of the Peckham Multi Storey. [[Media:Peckham_Vision_Peckham_Levels_exhibition_A5_leaflet_FINAL.pdf|Here is a copy of the leaflet about Peckham Vision produced for the exhibtion.]] <br>
[ London Live TV News]<br>
Link to Peckham Levels photos of launch <br>
PV Photos to be uploaded. <br>
These are the display panels:
[[Image:A1 PL panel 03 poster NSP PMS v5 - A4 Word v.01 505050 flat 150 med.jpg|thumb|left|290px|Peckham Multi Storey - campaign material]]
[[Image:A1 PL panel 02 Thank u + t-towel - A4 Word v.02 505050 flat 150 med.jpg|thumb|left|290px|Peckham Multi Storey - campaign material]]
[[Image:A1 PL panel 01 Media reports - A4 Word v.04 flat 150 med.jpg|thumb|left|290px|Peckham Multi Storey - campaign media reports]]
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===11th and 18th Ocotber 2017 Open Studio===
photos and report to be uploaded
===15th-17th September Peckham Vision at the Peckham Festival===
* August 2017 [ Peckham Levels blog on Peckham Vision at the Peckham Festival]
* September 2017 [ 'The Southwark Review' pages 28-33 article: 'Peckham's Cultural Epicentre' including comments on role of Peckham Vision]
**[[Media:Peck Fest Acorn Review BusseyBuilding PV role.pdf|'Peckham's Cultural Epicentre' in Southwark Review as a pdf]]
* 13th Septenber 2017 [ Peckham Festival interview blog]
Photos & text report to be uploaded.
===3rd September 2017 Peckham Rye Fete===
===4th June 2017 Choumert Sq Open Day===
Photos to be uplaoded.
===May 2017 Peckham Vision tote bag in Royal Academy===
The Royal Academy in Piccadilly held an exhibition which featured our Peckham Multi Storey campaign tote bag. The exhibition was ‘Futures Found’ which ''“explores the contrasts between the ambitions for Britain’s new post-war cityscapes and the varied futures that were subsequently created.”'' It was an interesting small exhibition well worth visiting. There was a section on car park structures. Our Peckham Multi Storey building featured because of the alternative uses it now houses. The caption says: ''“Campaigns to protect Brutalist monuments have usually been run by conservationists, architects and historians focusing on architectural merits of the buildings under threat, whereas Peckham Vision is a grassroots initiative to preserve and improve the community and its assets, including the multi storey car park.”'' It was exciting and a pleasure to come across this as a rare recognition of the community actions that have helped to get a temporary extension of the life of the building, and [[Multi-Storey_Car_Park|the ongoing campaign to get its long term future independently and properly examined in public.]]
[[Image:IMG 7015 adj lo.jpg|350px|left|thumb displays]]
[[Image:IMG 7011 adj lo.jpg|350px|left|thumb displays]]
[[Image:IMG 7007 adj lo.jpg|400px|left|thumb displays]]
[[Image:IMG 7008 adj - detail crop lo.jpg|405px|left|thumb displays]]
[[Image:IMG 7046 adj lo.jpg|400px|left|thumb displays]][[Image:IMG 7004 adj lo.jpg|400px|left|thumb displays]]
<div style="clear:both;"></div>
===20th May 2017 Nunhead Cemetery Open Day Fair===
===14th May 2017 Goose Green Fair===
===1st April 2017 4 NSP sites walk===
On 1st April, Peckham Vision facilitated [ a walk around the 4 Peckham sites.] allocated in the New Southwark Plan for re-development in Peckham. Around 40 joined us for the walk on a busy Saturday morning. Links to some brief Facebook reports and pictures from the event are below, and [ a copy of all the posts is here.]
* [ start of the walk.]
* [ Aylesham Centre & Bus Station.]
* [ from the Aylesham along Cicely Rd to the Cinema & Multi Storey car park,]
* [ from the back of the Multi Storey along the passage to the Peckhamplex cinema.]
* [ rooftop view from Peckham Multi Storey.]
* [ Choumert Grove car park.]
* [ Copeland/Blackpool Roads industrial site.]
* [ Peckham Vision studio discussion.]
===18th February 2017 Central Rye Lane walkabout===
===9th February 2017 Community Action Network (CAN)===
This Peckham CAN meeting, held by Community Southwark quarterly, was hosted by Peckham Vision in its studio. Residents gathered with some local organisation representatives to network and discuss lonely neighbours and the Peckham Levels project.
<gallery mode="nolines" widths="180px">[[Image:IMG_6087 adj med.jpg|left|300px|Peckham CAN meeting]][[Image:IMG_6092 adj med.jpg|left|300px|Peckham CAN meeting]][[Image:IMG_6094 adj med.jpg|left|300px|Peckham CAN meeting]]<div style="clear:both;"></gallerydiv>
===28th January 2017 Community Council exhibition===
The Peckham & Nunhead Community Council held an exhibition on local Public Health & Well-Being at its meeting on 28th January. Peckham Vision created an exhibition display about the Peckham Experiment, its history and its relevance today.
[[Peckham_Experiment#28th_January_2017_Peckham_Vision_display_at_Community_Council|Further information.]]
[[Image:IMG_5995 adj med.jpg|left|300px|PEX display at Peckham & Nunhead CC meeting]][[Image:IMG_6008 adj med.jpg|left|300px|PEX display at Peckham & Nunhead CC meeting]][[Image:IMG_6012 adj med.jpg|left|300px|PEX display at Peckham & Nunhead CC meeting]]<div style="clear:both;"></div>[[Image:IMG_6030 adj med.jpg|left|300px|PEX display at Peckham & Nunhead CC meeting]][[Image:IMG_6034 adj med.jpg|left|300px|PEX display at Peckham & Nunhead CC meeting]]<br>
===26th January 2017 poetry evening in the shop===
===21st January 2017 Community-led workshop===
[[Image:AyleshamCLeaflettoPrintv1-1.jpg|thumb|200px|community-led workshop]]
Members of Peckham Vision and [ Peckham Citizens] met together in this [[Media:AyleshamCLeaflettoPrintv1.pdf|Community-led workshop on Sat 21st January 2017]] to develop communities' ideas and aspirations for the Aylesham development site.
<gallery mode="nolines" widths="180px">[[Image:IMG_5919 - Aylesham workshop.jpg|left|300px|Aylesham Centre development site community led workshop]][[Image:IMG_5920 - Aylesham workshop.jpg|left|300px|Aylesham Centre development site community led workshop]][[Image:IMG_5923 - Aylesham workshop.jpg|left|300px|Aylesham Centre development site community led workshop]]<div style="clear:both;"></div>[[Image:IMG_5927 - Aylesham workshop.jpg|left|300px|Aylesham Centre development site community led workshop]][[Image:IMG_5928 - Aylesham workshop.jpg|left|300px|Aylesham Centre development site community led workshop]]<div style="clear:both;"></gallerydiv>
===11th November 2016 Peckham MeetUp===
We joined the MeetUp platform (link) to open up new pathways into the planning and town centre work for people interested in Peckham. The first Peckham MeetUp was on November 2016. Each Peckham Vision event is now advertised on Peckham MeetUp and is bringing new contacts into the local network. There have been [ several further Peckham MeetUp events] in the shop and Holdrons Arcade.
<gallery mode="nolines" widths="180px">[[Image:IMG_5293 - PV Meetup.jpg|left|300px|PV Meetup]][[Image:IMG_5295 - PV Meetup.jpg|left|300px|PV Meetup]][[Image:IMG_5297 - PV Meetup.jpg|left|300px|PV Meetup]][[Image:IMG_5298 - PV Meetup.jpg|left|300px|PV Meetup]]<div style="clear:both;"></div>[[Image:IMG_5299 - PV Meetup.jpg|left|300px|PV Meetup]][[Image:IMG_5300 - PV Meetup.jpg|left|300px|PV Meetup]][[Image:IMG_5303 - PV Meetup.jpg|left|300px|PV Meetup]][[Image:IMG_5305 - PV Meetup.jpg</gallery>|left|300px|PV Meetup]]
<div style="clear:both;"></div>
===May to September 2016 community comments on Aylesham development===
[[Image:Aylesham Redv summary front page with b-grnd lo.jpg|thumb|200px|front cover of local comments]]
Each year, Peckham Vision takes its stall and mobile exhibition about the town centre developments to several community fairs and festivals. The fairs are well attended and over the years since 2008, we have discussed the town centre developments with hundreds of local people. In 2016 one of the displays was about the Aylesham Centre redevelopment and we asked people to put comments on post-it notes. All the comments were typed up and are '''[[Media:PV_events_Aylesham_summary_v7_yellow_post-its_v7_-_FINAL.pdf|shown here]].''' Selections and summaries of the comments are shown to illustrate the themes that emerged under these headings:
• Scale & height of buildings
===8th-11th September 2016 Peckham Festival===
The [ Peckham Festival] was the first of what the Council aim to make permanent as an annual Festival. It was run by [ Copeland Park] bringing together art studios all over SE15 and community events in the town centre. Peckham Vision made three contributions to the Festival. Photos from those events are shown below.
'''* Peckham Vision exhibition in Copeland Gallery.''' The community made model of Central Rye Lane was displayed in the alcove in the entrance to the large Gallery.
[[Image:IMG_4361 - Peckham Festival 2016.jpg|left|300px|PV exhibition]]
[[Image:IMG_4367 - Peckham Festival 2016.jpg|left|300px|PV exhibition]]
[[Image:IMG_4375 - Peckham Festival 2016.jpg|left|300px|PV exhibition]]
<div style="clear:both;"></div>
[[Image:IMG_4380 - Peckham Festival 2016.jpg|left|300px|PV exhibition]]
[[Image:IMG_4390 - Peckham Festival 2016.jpg|left|300px|PV exhibition]]
<div style="clear:both;"></div>
'''* Peckham Vision exhibition in Copeland Gallery. These Panels illustrating Peckham Vision's community work 2002 - 2016 were displayed in the community model alcove.'''[[Image:A1 PV Panel PkmFest 01- 2002-2009 dv.03_e2_1024.png|left|300px|PV exhibition]][[Image:A1 PV Panel PkmFest 02 - 2010-2013 dv.03_e2_1024.png|left|300px|PV exhibition]][[Image:A1 PV Panel PkmFest 03 - 2014 v.02_1_e1_1024.png|left|300px|PV exhibition]]<div style="clear:both;"></div>[[Image:A1 PV Panel PkmFest 04 - 2015 dv.02-1_e1_1024.png|left|300px|PV exhibition]][[Image:A1 PV Panel PkmFest 05 - 2016 dv.01_e2_1024.png|left|300px|PV exhibition]][[Image:A1 PV Panel PkmFest 06 - 2016 dv.01 mm_e2_1024.png|left|300px|PV exhibition]]<div style="clear:both;"></div><br>'''* Peckham Vision walkabout in Central Rye Lane'''[[Image:IMG_4409 - Peckham Festival 2016.jpg|left|300px|PV walkabout]][[Image:IMG_4420 - Peckham Festival 2016.jpg|left|300px|PV walkabout]][[Image:IMG_4433 - Peckham Festival 2016.jpg|left|300px|PV walkabout]]<div style="clear:both;"></div>[[Image:IMG_4441 - Peckham Festival 2016.jpg|left|300px|PV walkabout]][[Image:IMG_4474 - Peckham Festival 2016.jpg|left|300px|PV walkabout]][[Image:IMG_4494 - Peckham Festival 2016.jpg|left|300px|PV walkabout]][[Image:PV_walk map.jpg|left|300px|PV walkabout]]<div style="clear:both;"></div><br>'''* Peckham Vision workshop in Copeland Gallery'''
<gallery mode="no lines" widths="160px">[[Image:IMG_4361 IMG_4503 - Peckham Festival 2016.jpg|left|300px|PV workshop]][[Image:IMG_4367 IMG_4514 - Peckham Festival 2016.jpg|left|300px|PV workshop]][[Image:IMG_4375 - Peckham Festival 2016.jpgImage:IMG_4380 - Peckham Festival 2016.jpgImage:IMG_4390 IMG_4516 - Peckham Festival 2016.jpg|left|300px|PV workshop]]</gallery> * Peckham Vision walkabout in Central Rye Lane <gallery modediv style="no lines" widths="160pxclear:both;">Image:IMG_4409 - Peckham Festival 2016.jpgImage:IMG_4420 - Peckham Festival 2016.jpgImage:IMG_4433 - Peckham Festival 2016.jpgImage:IMG_4441 - Peckham Festival 2016.jpgImage:IMG_4474 - Peckham Festival 2016.jpgImage:IMG_4494 - Peckham Festival 2016.jpg</gallery> * Peckham Vision workshop in Copeland Gallery <gallery mode="no lines" widths="160px"div>Image:IMG_4503 - Peckham Festival 2016.jpgImage:IMG_4514 - Peckham Festival 2016.jpgImage:IMG_4516 - Peckham Festival 2016.jpg[[Image:IMG_4518 - Peckham Festival 2016.jpg|left|300px|PV workshop]][[Image:IMG_4536 - Peckham Festival 2016.jpg|left|300px|PV workshop]][[Image:IMG_4550 - Peckham Festival 2016.jpg|left|300px|PV workshop]][[Image:IMG_4581 - Peckham Festival 2016.jpg|left|300px|PV workshop]]<div style="clear:both;"></gallerydiv>
===3rd September 2016 Peckham Rye Fete===
to be completed <gallery mode="no lines" widths="160px">Wonderful day as usual at our annual local community fair on Peckham Rye Common. First Saturday of every September.[[Image:IMG_4225 - PR Fete.jpg|left|300px|PV stall at PR Fete]][[Image:IMG_4236 - PR Fete.jpg|left|300px|PV stall at PR Fete]][[Image:IMG_4241 - PR Fete.jpg|left|300px|PV stall at PR Fete]][[Image:IMG_4244 - PR Fete.jpg|left|300px|PV stall at PR Fete]][[Image:IMG_4253 - PR Fete.jpg|left|300px|PV stall at PR Fete]]<div style="clear:both;"></gallerydiv>
===19th July 2016 Peckham Town Centre Cleanup!===
* the large scale of major developments proposed for the town centre.
* the redevelopment in front of Peckham Rye station.
Pictures below from Friends of Nunhead Cemetery open day.
<gallery mode="no lines" widths="160px">Image:IMG_3275 Bug hunt at FONC 2016.jpgImage:IMG_3279 - FONC organisers welcome 2016.jpgImage:IMG_3310 - PV stall at FONC 2016.jpgImage:IMG_3312 - PV stall at FONC 2016.jpgImage:IMG_3318 - PV stall at FONC 2016.jpgImage:IMG_3333 - PV stall at FONC 2016.jpgImage:IMG_3341 - PV stall at FONC 2016.jpgImage:IMG_3342 - PV stall at FONC 2016.jpgImage:IMG_3346 - PV stall at FONC 2016.jpgImage:IMG_3347 - PV stall at FONC 2016.jpgImage:IMG_3356 - PV stall at FONC 2016.jpgImage:IMG_3359 - PV stall at FONC 2016.jpgImage:IMG_3373 - Horse drawn carriage at FONC 2016.jpgImage:IMG_3381 - Horse drawn carriage at FONC 2016.jpg</gallery> Pictures below from Dulwich Festival Goose Green fair.
<gallery mode="nolines" widths="160px">
Image:IMG 3130 Goose Green 2016.jpg
Image:IMG 3185 Goose Green 2016.jpg
Pictures from Friends of Nunhead Cemetery open day
[[Image:IMG_3275 Bug hunt at FONC 2016.jpg|left|300px|Bug hunt]]
[[Image:IMG_3279 - FONC organisers welcome 2016.jpg|left|300px|FONC welcome]]
[[Image:IMG_3310 - PV stall at FONC 2016.jpg|left|300px|PV stall at FONC 2016]]
[[Image:IMG_3312 - PV stall at FONC 2016.jpg|left|300px|PV stall at FONC 2016]]
[[Image:IMG_3318 - PV stall at FONC 2016.jpg|left|300px|PV stall at FONC 2016]]
[[Image:IMG_3333 - PV stall at FONC 2016.jpg|left|300px|PV stall at FONC 2016]]
[[Image:IMG_3341 - PV stall at FONC 2016.jpg|left|300px|PV stall at FONC 2016]]
[[Image:IMG_3342 - PV stall at FONC 2016.jpg|left|300px|PV stall at FONC 2016]]
[[Image:IMG_3346 - PV stall at FONC 2016.jpg|left|300px|PV stall at FONC 2016]]
[[Image:IMG_3347 - PV stall at FONC 2016.jpg|left|300px|PV stall at FONC 2016]]
[[Image:IMG_3356 - PV stall at FONC 2016.jpg|left|300px|PV stall at FONC 2016]]
[[Image:IMG_3359 - PV stall at FONC 2016.jpg|left|300px|PV stall at FONC 2016]]
[[Image:IMG_3373 - Horse drawn carriage at FONC 2016.jpg|left|300px|Horse drawn carriage]]
[[Image:IMG_3381 - Horse drawn carriage at FONC 2016.jpg|left|300px|Horse drawn carriage]]
<div style="clear:both;"></div>
===4th April 2016 Community integration===
[[Image:IMG_6016 17-10-2012 Pkm Society at Pkm Library.jpg|left|190px|thumb displays]]
[[Image:IMG_6019 17-10-2012 Pkm Society at Pkm Library.jpg|left|190px|thumb displays]]
[[Image:IMG_6067 17-10-2012 Pkm Society at Pkm Library.jpg|left|190px|thumb displays]][[Image:IMG_6073 17-10-2012 Pkm Society at Pkm Library.jpg|left|190px|thumb displays]]
<div style="clear:both;"></div>
Peckham Vision exhibition at Peckham Society meeting about the historic buildings in the town cnetre and Peckham Vision exhibtioncentre.
===1st September 2012===

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